Muslim Refugee Attack At Louvre Museum + Pope Francis + St Francis Reliquary + St Francis Prophecy = Impending DOOM?

This reliquary, which housed the relics of St. Francis of Assisi, is relatively well dated because it was probably made after the saint was canonized in 1228. The four-lobed shape is found in other reliquaries from this period. However, some of the ornamental motifs and the stiffness of their treatment are closer to twelfth-century models. The reliquary of St. Francis is representative of the stylistic developments in Limoges in the early thirteenth century.  Louvre
Just a few days after Pope Francis uttered up prayers for the Quebec Mosque attack (here) a Muslim refugee attacked French Soldiers today at the Louvre Museum.

The Museum was closed for the rest of the day.

There were 1250 visitors at the Museum when the Muslim terror attacked occurred.

What else is at the Louvre?

Well the Reliquary of St Francis (see above).

And there is the Reliquary of St Henry:

The four-lobed reliquary of St. Henry shows Christ, on one side, and, on the other, the last Ottonian emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Henry II (1002-1024), who was canonized in 1142. The piece testifies to the posterity of the Ottonian dynasty, but above all to the emergence of flourishing goldsmiths' workshops in Saxony in the twelfth century Louvre
Back in August, I made mention of the fact that Hilary White was abusing the memory of St Henry by comparing him to our present day democratically elected politicians. A few days after she wrote her article on St Henry, the Norcia earthquake hit killing over 300 souls.

Here is what I wrote:
Just a few days ago Hillary White see here called down the wrath of God upon Norcia Italy and the surrounding area by mocking the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor by suggesting that any man who desires the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor should lock himself away in the Norcia Monastery to work on his piety, only to released by the whim of his democracy loving Superior. Mind you all this is done in imitation of St. Henry. Why does Hillary suggest this? Because according to her friend Ann Barnhardt only a psycho would desire political office: "your desire for political office is ipso facto proof that you are not qualified to hold any political office."Does that go for those who desire the restoration of the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor? White doesn't say - but she hints at it. A few days later a Earthquake hit Norcia. See More>>>>>>>
So maybe there is something that is tying in Muslim Terrorist + Louvre Museum + St Henry + St Francis + Pope Francis & maybe another earthquake in Norcia....

We will soon see.

Oh and then there's Steve Skojec who claims to be a prophet and claims that the St Francis Prophecy is FAKE.

Some Catholics are about to get their ass kicked from up on high......

St Francis Prophecy on Pope Francis The Destroyer:
Act bravely, my Brethren; take courage, and trust in the Lord. The time is fast approaching in which there will be great trials and afflictions; perplexities and dissensions, both spiritual and temporal, will abound; the charity of many will grow cold, and the malice of the wicked will increase. 
The devils will have unusual power, the immaculate purity of our Order, and of others, will be so much obscured that there will be very few Christians who will obey the true Sovereign Pontiff and the Roman Church with loyal hearts and perfect charity. At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavour to draw many into error and death. Then scandals will be multiplied, our Order will be divided, and many others will be entirely destroyed, because they will consent to error instead of opposing it. 
There will be such diversity of opinions and schisms among the people, the religious and the clergy, that, except those days were shortened, according to the words of the Gospel, even the elect would be led into error, were they not specially guided, amid such great confusion, by the immense mercy of God. 
Then our Rule and manner of life will be violently opposed by some, and terrible trials will come upon us. Those who are found faithful will receive the crown of life; but woe to those who, trusting solely in their Order, shall fall into tepidity, for they will not be able to support the temptations permitted for the proving of the elect.

Those who preserve their fervour and adhere to virtue with love and zeal for the truth, will suffer injuries and, persecutions as rebels and schismatics; for their persecutors, urged on by the evil spirits, will say they are rendering a great service to God by destroying such pestilent men from the face of the earth. But the Lord will be the refuge of the afflicted, and will save all who trust in Him. And in order to be like their Head [Jesus Christ], these, the elect, will act with confidence, and by their death will purchase for themselves eternal life; choosing to obey God rather than man, they will fear nothing, and they will prefer to perish [physically] rather than consent to falsehood and perfidy.

Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer. St. Francis of Assisi