Fra. Cristoforo Is The New Kid In Town & Skojec Is PISSED!


New kid in town and Skojec is pissed!
There have been, of late, a growing number of credible-sounding rumors making the rounds, chumming the waters of Catholic discourse with intrigue and speculation but very little verifiable fact. Rumors that claim, as I’ve mentioned before, to be well-sourced from deep within the Vatican — but this always anonymously, and often reported by writers who are, themselves, anonymous. 
The most popular of these writers at the present moment is an alleged priest who burst onto the scene in January of this year, but has gained rapid and widespread notoriety. In just three months, he has racked up over two-thirds of a million page views, and his posts are shared all over the Internet, even though he writes only in Italian. Blogging under the name, “Fra Cristoforo”, this unknown cleric claims to have people within the very machinery of the pope’s inner sanctum. He proffers an almost-daily buffet of tantalizing information, rumors, and reports, usually exclusive to his website and not corroborated by any other source. These rumors and reports believable in the very stomach-churning awfulness of their content at a time when we have become habituated to the near-constant train wreck of Church news.  
The kind of stories the Internet eats up with all the restraint of a habitual glutton. Source
Where to begin?

For those that don't pay attention here are a couple of quotes from prophet Steve:
Melanie fabricated this last a cry for attention ~ Steve Skojec

The fact is, I'm in the attention business ~ Steve Skojec
Steve calls Melanie of La Salette an attention whore. But Steve sees no problem with him getting the attention of others with his blog because he's in the attention business.

He lies and claims Melanie fabricated the 1879 message. (She did not)

But Steve has fabricated the hidden third secret of Fatima claiming that this hidden secret contains words on a bad mass & bad council, which has yet to be proven.

Steve is envious of Melanie and the message of La Salette because anyone can read it and understand for themselves what will take place soon. Because everyone has access to the La Salette Message as written down by Melanie in 1879 we don't need Steve to prophecy to us what will happen. Steve is envious of this. Steve will too use the words of Our Lady at La Salette but claim the words as his own. That's why Steve doesn't want any of his followers to read La Salette because that woudl steal Steve's thunder.

Same goes for Fra. Cristoforo - Skojec is envious of Fra. Cristoforo because Fra. Cristoforo will steal Steve's thunder! 

I guess Steve is using the same argument against Fra. Cristoforo that he uses against Melanie - they're attention getting behavior is wrong but my attention getting behavior is right.

Melanie and Fra. Cristoforo are frauds etc..

Steve can't stand any competition.....

There's a new kid in town. I don't want to hear it.
There's a new kid in town. I don't want to hear it.
There's a new kid in town. There's a new kid in town.
There's a new kid in town. Everybody's talking
There's a new kid in town. People started walking
There's a new kid in town.
There's a new kid in town.


  1. Steve Skojec should be given a special award by Pope Francis for being the Internet's biggest crybaby.

    What's shocking is that his [del]cult followers[del] readers are mostly supporting him in his tantrums. (Or is he "helpfully" deleting any hostile posts in the comboxes, like the moronic Mr. "I Love Hillary Clinton" Shea?

    Hush, hush, whisper who dares,
    Fra Cristoforo is saying his prayers! =)

  2. My suspicion is that anyone who gains any traction in the internet/blogger world is there and 'popular' for a reason; not the 'good' reason that is offered or given, or which seems apparent, but for the real or true reason, which is hidden. After all, the reason the plebes were allowed access to the old technology we currently use is in order to keep better tabs on our activities/thoughts, and to manage us better.


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