Hilary White No Authentic Catholic Piety Or Devotion: Texting During Rosary

Hilary White & Groupies Texting & Taking Selfies While Praying The Rosary During Earthquake

Another blogger has noticed Hilary White's lack of devotion and piety. It was confirmed for me when I first saw the above picture taken by Hilary White of the Norcia groupies praying the rosary during another earthquake in Norcia. Apparently Hilary didn't think anything wrong with taking the above selfie and posting it. Most struggle with distraction during the Rosary - but its a whole new thing when you deliberately text and take selfies during the Rosary. What folly! 

Another disturbing element to the above pic is the story told by Ann Barnhardt who posted that one of the Monks of Norcia was berating the local villagers for not praying the rosary with them! I guess the monk was so focused on the villagers walking in front of him that he failed to notice that his groupies were texting and talking selfies behind his back at the same time! again - what folly.

So here is the complete post by another blogger who gets the same vibe as I do when it comes to Hilary White:

Hilary White is a perfect example of what, in a science-fiction novel, would be called a bio-engineered weapon. Picked out of several rebellious Protestants with a fetish for nun’s clothing, but no authentic Catholic piety or devotion, she was chosen by the Life Shite News cabal and trained under them for years, learning the tools of covert spiritual warfare in the service of Asmodeus, Belial and Legion. After she had learned all that she needed to, she staged her “resignation” from Life Shite News and moved to Italy, where she began to infiltrate and persecute Traditional Catholic communities of monks there. When she is not busy undermining them, she spends her time watching reading yuri manga (aka homosex perversion) and defending her friend “Stephanie” Skojec on Disqus and Twitter.

Here is a file photo of her, which is not for the faint-hearted:

Don’t be fooled by her protestations of hatred for Chaos Frank. Instead, let the judgment of Heaven speak for itself. After she moved to Italy to wreak her havoc, the very region she has occupied has been devastated by earthquakes. This clearly indicates that Divine Providence finds her even more evil and repulsive than Chaos Frank himself.

If all this was not enough, she is also reputed to be in a “Spiritual Friendship” (Novus Ordo speak for sodomitical marriage) with the female-to-male transgender Ann Barnhardt, another notorious Novus Ordo infiltrator and double agent whose aim is to make Traditionalists look “extreme” and “foolish”.

If you have been conned by Hilary JM White’s whiny blog posts into sending her money, Prozac or food, may my words be a warning to you.

Saint Margaret and Saint Jane Frances Chantal, deliver gullible Traditional Catholics from the snares of this wicked woman!

St Leonard Feeney, pray for us all!

St Marcel Lefebvre, pray for us all!

Source Portraits of two heretics One Millimeter Peter


  1. Thanks for the hat-tip! And kudos to you for seeing the truth behind the lies.

    We now have an expose of the fat adulterer Dave Dormet on our website, which you might find interesting:



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