Randy Engel Causes SCANDAL! Engel Accuses Rev. Paul E. Nicholson Of BREAKING THE SEAL OF CONFESSION!

Randy Accuses Fr. Nicholson Of Breaking The Seal Of Confession.

How does Randy Engel know for a fact that Fr. Nicholson violated the seal of confession?

How does Randy Engel know that Gary confessed his sins of Sodomy to Fr. Nicholson?

Where does she get this information?

Engel claims that Jones' source for his book on Voris is Fr. Paul Nicholson.

Again, did the writer Engel confirm this with Jones? Or is Engel just speculating that Fr. Nicholson is the source.

I bet that the source of Jone's e-book is a blogger. It is not Fr. Paul Nicholson.

Here read Engel's smear on a priest:

Rev. Paul E. Nicholson – A Gross Betrayer of Trust

For me, the most revolting of all the characters introduced in The Man Behind the Curtain is Father Paul E. Nicholson., followed by writer and editor Jones who granted the wayward priest full rein in revealing the most sordid and intimate details of Voris' homosexual life, details which by nature must have been made known to the priest during the Sacrament of Confession or during sessions of "spiritual direction" conducted by Nicholson. What kind of priest does this? We'll get back to this matter shortly.

Jones introduces the reader to the anonymous priest at the opening of Chapter 6. He states Voris met his "spiritual advisor" during the fall of 2010, although Nicholson was known to have been assisting Voris in scheduling his public appearances as early as 2009.

Once again, Jones fails to identify the spiritual advisor as an associate priest of Opus Dei and a member of the Sacerdotal Society of the Holy Cross as well as a diocesan priest of the Diocese of London, Ontario, Canada. Fr. Nicholson's Ordinary, Bishop Ronald P. Fabbro, permitted the priest to come to the States under the proviso that he refrained from any contact with Church Militant and Michael Voris. On July 1, 2013, Bishop Fabbro favored Nicholson with the office of "Missionary Preacher" as part of Pope Francis' call for a New Evangelization. Via various media outlets including CMTV, videoed daily homilies, parish missions, and Catholic conferences in the U.S. and international events including World Youth Day in Madrid, Fr. Nicholson was quickly acquiring a "public face," as Opus Dei would have it.

Much of what we do know about Fr. Nicholson's background doesn't come from Jones, but from the priest's short online autobiography. He was born in 1971 in rural Ontario, Canada; entered St. Peter's Seminary in 1989, and was ordained to the diocesan priesthood in 1997. The priest was assigned to two parishes, St. Joseph's which was canonically suppressed on July 9, 2006 and St. Mary of Perpetual Help which was likewise suppressed on June 24, 2007.

Nicholson's first introduction to Opus Dei was The Way, Escrivá's spiritual handbook for laymen. When Opus Dei established the Ullerston Center (now defunct) in Toronto in 1982, he joined as an associate priest meaning he was both a diocesan priest and a member of the Sacerdotal Society of the Holy Cross. But if he had to choose between them, it's clear that he is as committed to the Work as supernumerary Brammer is.

"I am convinced that Opus Dei represents a clear picture of official Catholicism," says Nicholson. "... Opus Dei stands fully, entirely and completely with the Pope," he explains, "and has brought such joy and meaning to my priesthood, that I can literally say; 'a day within your courts are better than a thousand elsewhere.'"

Fr. Nicholson's devotion to Opus Dei, first and foremost, is important because it explains, in part, why the priest would naturally line up with Marc Brammer against Voris.

A Word About True Catholic Spiritual Direction

Returning to Fr. Nicholson's very wicked exposé of Voris' early homosexual life, it's impossible to understand his actions as Voris' anonymous "spiritual advisor" in The Man Behind the Curtain, unless we grasp the heterodox nature and purpose of spiritual direction in Opus Dei, from the perspective of their confessors and lay spiritual directors and directresses.

Almost all Catholics who have received the Sacrament of Penance from a good confessor will have experienced spiritual direction in its most basic form as spiritual advice given prior to the imposition of a penance and absolution by the priest in the confessional.

The Seal of Confession is often referred to in the Church as part of the internal forum. This in contrast to the external forum which consists of an individual's outward observable actions and behaviors, that is, public knowledge.

Although, technically speaking, private spiritual direction outside the confessional is not covered by the seal, most priests will regard it as part of the internal forum and act accordingly. To eliminate any possible confusion as to the exact nature of the conversation, a priest at the end of a counseling session may ask the individual if he wishes to make a confession, at which time the matters previously discussed would be briefly repeated and thus come under the seal.

Not a few Catholics also have the great grace of having a pious and competent priest as a personal spiritual director – a priest in whom they can voluntarily confide, who understands the innermost workings of the soul God has put in his care, and who wills nothing but its sanctification.

On the subject of spiritual direction, the reader may want to recall the December 17, 1890, decree of Pope Leo XIII, Quemadmodum, in which the Holy Father absolutely forbade the practice of the mandatory manifestation of conscience by superiors of religious orders including lay male and female members, and those who have taken either simple or solemn vows

Opus Dei's Abuse of Spiritual Direction

In the case of Opus Dei's praxes related to the spiritual direction of potential candidates and new members to the Prelature, the lines of demarcation between the internal and external forum are blurred so as to permit intimate matters revealed in supposedly confidential "fraternal chats" to be shared up the ladder of the Opus Dei chain of command as needed.

Opus Dei can work around Pope Leo XIII's prohibition against the mandatory manifestation of conscience by claiming the Prelature is not, technically speaking, "a religious order."

Let's see how this works in practice.

We know that all potential candidates for membership in Opus Dei are carefully investigated and are the object of a careful grooming and vetting process which includes going to confession, face to face, to an Opus Dei priest at an Opus Dei center. The Opus Dei priest may be provided with a list of the names of the penitents in the order in which the come to confession.

Over time, a candidate is encouraged to reveal more and more personal information to his confessor, until he becomes accustomed to revealing to the priest intimate spiritual details including a manifestation of conscience which reveals the state of his soul, as well as information on the potential recruit's family, educational aspirations, talents, financial resources, and the nature of any future apostolate to advance the Work.

The Church has always taught that the Sacramental Seal of Confession is inviolable. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden for a confessor to betray in any way a penitent in words or in any manner and for any reason (Canon 983 – §1). The confessor is also prohibited completely from using knowledge acquired from confession to the detriment of the penitent even where any danger of revelation is excluded (Canon 984 – §1). Further, a person who has been placed in authority cannot use in any manner for external governance the knowledge about sins which he has received in confession at any time (Canon 984 – §2).

Thus, the opinion of a spiritual director or confessor of a seminarian may never be sought when it is a question of admission to Holy Orders or dismissal from seminaries. Neither can spiritual directors and seminary rectors hear the sacramental confessions of their students residing in the same house unless the students freely request it in a particular case.

These prohibitions, however, do not appear to be binding on Opus Dei confessors who regularly hear the confessions of members living in the same residence or of confessors who are called upon to give an opinion as to the admissibility of a potential numerary or supernumerary to the ranks of the Prelature.

Lay Spiritual Direction in Opus Dei

Following a set probationary period, after which the candidate is accepted by the Father in Rome, he or she enters fully into the life of the Prelature. He is now advised that in addition to an Opus Dei confessor, he has been assigned a lay spiritual director by the Director of the Center. The new member is given no choice in the selection. New members are told that their lay directors have been given "special graces from God," and must be obeyed at all time. Non-compliance is promptly punished.

The "confidence," now known as the "fraternal chat," covers the same areas covered by the weekly confession, but more so. New members are either told or left to conclude that the "fraternal chat," is covered by the same Seal of Confession binding on the priest in the confessional, even though this is not true. Sometimes, the lay director will tell the new member that he is assisted in his task as a spiritual director by local and regional Councils. But this rarely is understood by the new member to mean that anything he tells his director that is deemed "necessary" to the interests or welfare of the Work will be shared up the Opus Dei chain of command.

By the time the new member realizes that his spiritual welfare runs a far second to the advancement of the Work or that his conscience is being manipulated and deformed under the guise of "spiritual direction," it's very late in the day.

Rev. C. John McCloskey, who wears the "public face" of an Opus Dei priest, was former director of the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. He has an online article titled "A Spiritual Consultant" in which he promotes the idea that every adult Catholic should have a priest or lay spiritual director to whom he can entrust "the salvation and sanctification of his very immortal soul," as if spiritual direction is some kind of a cookie-cutter enterprise. However, he fails to make it clear that it is only in a Sacramental Confession that the Seal of Confession" applies.

Clearly, we see in Fr. Paul Nicholson's exposure of the secret sins of Michael Voris, a reflection of Opus Dei's corrupt practices in the realm of lay spiritual direction.

Regarding Fr. Paul Nicholson, a representative of the London Diocese of Ontario was kind enough to respond to my query as to the status of Fr. Nicholson. I was told he has "stepped away from his ministry for a time." An Opus Dei media representative has also informed this writer that to the best of his knowledge, Fr. Nicholson's associate status with the Prelature has not changed. SOURCE>>>>>


  1. What's sickening is the way "rad trads" have become indistinguishable from atheists and Jack Chick types in terms of their anti-Church polemic.

  2. Also, Engel is a plagiarist. Liberals like Mark Shea had already exposed the Jones / Brammer / Voris connection in 2012.


  3. Michael Jones lays the smackdown on Engel, proving that there is no honour among thieves:


  4. Mrs Engel is anything but a ""Rad Trad".Indeed she is more knowledgeable and Catholic than anyone on this blog. She rightly exposes the Opus Dei connection between all three men .Brammer, Nicholson and Jones and her most recent reply to Jones' reveals how this is a common tactic for Opus Dei.
    Jones' ebook on Voris was an excruciating read. It was anything but Catholic !
    I suggest anyone who throws stones here should read it for 3.99 on amazon kindle !
    It is obvious that Jones wrote it to absolve Opus Dei of any commonality with another OD member (Voris) who dared to come out in public about his sodomite past . Fr Nicholson was Voris' SD and also the same who told Jones all about Voris' sordid past adding to what Voris chose to air ( against Fr N's advice) the day Nicholson jumped the CMtv ship.
    No dear confused ,folks she did not cause scandal ........"Kiss My Ash" Fr Nicholson and Jones did and assuredly so did opus dei who advised them !

  5. Randy Engel is a superb investigative journalist.

    She speaks the uncomfortable TRUTH to all the phony Katholics and upholds the Teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church which have been all but forgotten except by a precious few.
    The rest , from what I have read, Mark Shea et al, never studied the Faith .

  6. I cannot believe for one minute that Fr paul was what some people say about him , he in my eyes was and is a devoted Catholic priest i have be listening to his program on U Tube and enjoy everyone one of them , people felt good about been a Catholic .My bet the problem lies with Voris just a pervert .


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