JEW Drowns While Meditating Face Down In The Yuba River......

Man dies while performing face-down meditation in river 

NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. -- Sheriff's deputies are investigating a case of a man who drowned while apparently practicing a face-down meditation technique in a Northern California river, CBS Sacramento reports. Deputies identified the victim as 33-year-old Yoav Timmer of Israel. "There was nothing at that scene that led them to believe that it was suspicious," Nevada County Sheriff's Capt. Shannon Moon said. Moon said the death was unlike any she's seen before. "Face-down meditation is the first one I've heard of in 27 years," Moon said. "Kind of blocking out the distractions of mindfulness in a face-down position under water." Deputies said Timmer drowned in a section of the Yuba River where the water pools and there's no strong current. The man's body was discovered by his friend. They were practicing the same meditation technique side by side. People using the river, where temperatures are colder than normal, were surprised anyone would attempt the risky move. "If you love your life and love being here," Lucca McCaleb said, "then sometimes I think it's not worth it to kind of take big risks." Moon said in this particular case the move wasn't safe. "Don't do this," she said. The sheriff's department has contacted an Israeli consulate to get in touch with Timmer's family. Source