People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones: This means that you should not criticize other people for bad qualities in their character that you have yourself.

In many words shall be found folly.Ecclesiastes 5:2

Actual Many Words From Skojec:

Anything and anyone who gets in the way of that remains a fair target of scrutiny. Something about "you're either with me or against me" comes to mind...

You are being sanctimonious, which appears to be the sole reason for your objections.

Nothing is being hidden except the names of those who have asked us to protect their identities because they spoke on condition of anonymity.

Go be sanctimonious somewhere else. We didn't make this up, our sources stand by it, and we stand by them.

We're watching.

Our story has shaken things loose that would never have come to light otherwise. Give it time. More of the truth will come out.

Don't worry, we'll keep digging. You can go back to sleep.

No, I much prefer to let you just sit here looking ridiculous.

That woodwork you just came out of was lovely. So let's say this report is false.

We report what we were told about the meeting. The rest is open to interpretation.

his first response to me came at 2:30 AM, my time, when I was asleep)

We're not trying to fleece anyone, but we believe this story was important, and we know the reputation of trustworthiness of our sources:

We just have received a second confirmation of the story from our reliable source which stems right out of the center of loyal and well-connected German Catholicism. Thus we plan to write a follow-up to this story in the near future.

I, too, look forward to the upcoming article. I hope our new sources will be more forthcoming (it seems that everyone is reticent to put their foot in this, even though more people know about it than we originally ascertained).

 I've either been attacked directly (or by extension) now by several traditionally-inclined and well-known blogs. I'm merely standing my ground, not starting fights.

You may have noticed that I'm a fighter. Having my ethics impugned by people who are allegedly on my side is not something I take lightly. This is not a fight I initiated, but I do a very poor impression of a doormat.

I suggest you lodge your complaints with those attacking our moral integrity or taking delight in our perceived failures for what appear to be petty reasons. We've never treated Rorate with anything but respect, but we've been on the receiving end of some very strange behavior from NC for years. I could speculate why, but I don't think it's helpful. Meanwhile, we continue to get new confirmations that our story was not wrong in its broad outlines, only in some of its particulars. We plan to write a followup soon.

I'd avoid painting all the folks at Rorate with the same brush. Peter Kwasniewksi and Joseph Shaw both write there, and I'm on great terms with both. Augustinius has never been anything but decent to me, and I've got a good working relationship with Adfero. Really, New Catholic is 90% of the problem. Maybe he should man up and use his real name.

These are not men whose word I take as bond. Meanwhile, our sources on this story have long experience in both research and journalism, have significant public reputations (which helps to explain why they have chosen to remain anonymous), and are well connected to both the German Church and Rome.

I wish I found Mueller's denial credible enough to simply say, "Well, THAT was a big mistake." Unfortunately, based on his track record, I don't.

If the story is falsified -- not just denied -- that's when we'll reatract it.

we care about the truth. I wish there were a way to guarantee we had it. The most we can do is show our work.

To those arriving here for the first time with wagging fingers, you clearly don't understand how this works.

We are dealing, sadly, with liars.

We are dealing with men who care more about their own agendas than serving God.

In some cases, their reasons are more noble -- some care more about the unity of the Church than the truth. But there is no apparent fear of deceit. We ran this story for exactly what it was: credible allegations posed to us by two sources with long reputations of being reliable, who relied upon the eyewitness testimony of a third.

Those sources stand by their stories.

They have re-affirmed it since the denials came out. (I don't see the charges against Cardinal Pell being dropped, incidentally, simply because he's said they're not true. That's not how this works, and I think we all know it.)

We said we asked for statements, and that we'd update the story when we got them. We did. In fact, we put them right at the top of the page and even sent the story out again on social media with a note that it was updated.

We're not hiding anything.

We're presenting both versions for your consideration.

How can we believe anything these people say?


  1. Skojec's bitter ex-girlfriend Ann Barnhardt has written an article on "Diabolical Narcissists". It sounds like a description of old Steve-O himself:

    "A pathological refusal to deal with objective reality (intense normalcy bias, self-delusion)
    Hatred of exertion
    An intense aversion to helping others (because helping almost always involves exertion)
    The refusal to voluntarily take on ANY hardship, discomfort, or… wait for it… SUFFERING
    Lashing out at virile people as a defense mechanism
    Need for human respect
    Hypersensitivity, easily “triggered”, often in “pissy moods”
    Intense judgmentalism and hyper-criticality
    Inordinate attachment to money – tightfistedness, stinginess
    Intense selfishness and self-absorption
    Sense of entitlement, especially to other peoples’ money
    Narcissism, both grandiose and vulnerable
    Incessant bitching, criticizing and complaining while refusing to act or charitably instruct others
    Shunning personal responsibility, most especially taking responsibility for the actions of others or for no-fault accidents
    Perpetual victimhood, oftentimes due to premeditated self-sabotage
    Reducing Christianity to the merely theoretical, confined exclusively to the domain of ideas, utterly divorced from concrete action
    Liturgical fetishism, “empty eggshell” Catholicism"

    How true it all is, especially the victimhood and money parts. =)


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