Dave Domet Condemns SODOMITE Clerics But Refuses To Condemn Lay SODOMITES! WHAT?

Lay Sodomite Friendly Dave & Gary

Here's how it works in the twisted world of Dave & Gary :

1. Sodomite Clerics = BAD
2. Sodomite Laity = GOOD

Dave condemns a Sodomite (ex-) Priest to hell fire:

Gregory Baum is dead at 94. Canada's peritus at the Second Vatican Council, theologian, priest, betrayer of his call, husband, sodomite, Protestant, father of the Winnipeg Statement, heretic, -- has gone to his judgement. Whatever prayer can do him good at this time, - "may God have mercy upon his soul," for now, Gregory knows the terrible truth. Source

Will Dave dare condemn SODOMITE Milo to Hell fire when Milo dies? Here



  1. This is the same Dave Dormet who claimed Trump was "Catholic of the Year". I have met paranoid schizophrenics with a far greater grip on reality than Daft Dave.


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