Fr Z On The Baptist Church Massacre...If You Want Peace, Prepare For War! WHAT?

Fr Z Gun 
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Of course Fr Z's situational awareness is guaranteed to save you:

The Sunday massacre at the Texas church should give pause to pastors of souls. I don’t know if that Texas church had signs at the doors indicating a “No firearms” policy, however, I know that a lot of churches do have those signs. They strike me, and apparently nut jobs, as an indication that, here, they will find little resistance. If I am not mistaken, an armed citizen played a role in subduing the perp who shot those innocent people in Texas. It was a good thing that he was there. After all, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. God love ’em, law enforcement officers. I have the deepest respect and gratitude for them, but they can’t be everywhere. Once again, I urge everyone to develop strong situational awareness skills. Watch what is going on around you and think about what you see. If there is something “wrong” say something. Look at your surroundings. Really look. We are probably going to see more of this sort of thing. There is also right now a strong up tick in requests for exorcisms. Coincidence? I think not. In addition, watch the tone and the targets of civil unrest. Watch and ponder the tactics of the Left… even the catholic Left. All these things are part of an interrelated matrix. I’ve been on the road and watching much news, but did I really see protests against protestations of prayers for the victims of the shooting? Si vis pacem para bellum. Source

Here we have a priest telling his flock to practice situational awareness during the HOLY SACRIFICE of the MASS:

"develop strong situational awareness skills. Watch what is going on around you and think about what you see."

Really? back in the day if some poor soul was focused what was going on around him in the pews instead of focusing on the Holy Prayers of the Mass that person would be a fool!

I can only imagine the lack of true Catholic Devotion, Piety and Spirituality found in the pews during one of Fr Z's Masses.

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