No Guns Friday: St Francis Prayer When Clothing Yourself For Mass Without The Need For A Firearm

In Clothing Yourself

O Lord, grant me the grace to be clothed with the clean habit of Innocency; that the shame of my nakedness may not appear.

O sweet Jesus, cloth me like the elect and well beloved of God; that is, with the bowels of compassion, benignity, sweetness, humility, modesty, patience, and Charity.

Let me be furnished with the armour of God, to resist the ambushes of the enemy, and in all things to remain firm, stable, and constant in resisting his greatest temptations.

Revest me, O God, with that nuptial garment, in which there is no spot, stain, or blemish.

St Francis


  1. We are in a spiritual and a temporal war as well. You might not choose to defend your family from the enemy, God will judge you and all of us when the time comes. But meanwhile, we must prepare in both realms.
    You can always pray the rosary while conceal carrying. In your case, since you appear to be a queer, guns frighten you. Understandable. But don't verbally attack Catholics who actually take the necessary steps to defend their families whenever possible.

    1. Wow!

      Never ever unjustly accuse another of committing sins against the six & ninth commandments - God you punish you with the same sin you unjustly accuse others of!


      Thanks for the ammo.....LOL!

    2. Oh hey questions for you RAD TRAD GMUA:

      Do you own more GUNS than Crucifixes?

      Do you hold your Gun in one hand & a Crucifix in the other?

      Do you even know what a Crucifix is?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Oh hey RAD TRAD GMUA another question:

      Did Jesus Christ Crucified ever take vengeance on those who crucified HIM while HE hung on the cross?

      Oh...and is the Holy Mass truly one and same Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary, no less real than the event of 2000 years ago?

      Fr. Z seems to think so...and yet Fr Z and you and yours would arm themselves during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass when Jesus Christ Crucified NEVER armed Himself when HE hung on the Cross!

      Oh and Hey RAD TRAD GMUA who were the ones who carried weapons when Jesus Christ Crucified was nailed to the Cross?

      Oh yeah the very ones who Crucified Our Lord.

      So you and Fr Z and all the other gun morons admit that you are nothing but enemies of the Cross and enemies of Jesus Christ Crucified!

      Oh and Hey RAD TRAD GMUA one more thing....who are the ones who are carrying weapons in the Fatima Vision?

      Oh yeah that would be the soldiers who KILL the Fatima Pope & faithful...

      Listen RAD TRAD GMUA I have you at a and yours will be ones who will murder the Fatima Pope and faithful......

      See you on top a steep Mountain someday....

      Oh and heads up when you and yours are captured for murdering the Fatima Pope and faithful (35 years or so from now) you and yours will be summarily executed with no time to confess your wicked sins to Fr Z or whatever nut bag of a priest who spiritually directs you gun nuts....


    5. Oh and in the meantime before you and yours murder the Fatima Pope I bet that you and yours will murder some faithful in pews during the Mass with your guns when your guns 'accidentally' go off and someone is 'accidentally' killed in the cross fire of you and yours firing your guns at each other....


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