What We've Learned About Rad Trads November 2017: Love For Polish Nationalism & Support For Evangelical Roy Moore & Carrying GUNS To Mass!

The fruits of attending Latin Mass?

You defend a perverted Evangelical Politician - obstinately defend - no matter how obvious a creep Roy Moore is.

The other thing that we've learn about those who sit in the Latin Mass pews is that they carry weapons to Latin Mass.

As most of you know you cannot hold a crucifix in one hand and a gun in the other.

Rad Trads have no love for the Passion of Jesus Christ Crucified but have a unhealthy love for their firearms.

Never ask a Rad Trad about the Passion - because they know nothing of Jesus Christ Crucified - but you can ask any Rad Trad about and guns and they will tell everything they know.

Roy & Wife & Gun
They Would Fit Right In At A Latin Mass
Here let's play a game:

Ask any Rad Trad about the religious ecumenism of Pope Francis and watch the Rad Trad rage against the Pope and the clergy, and damn them to hell for dialoguing with Protestant Heretics.

Then change the subject and talk about Judge Roy Moore and watch the Rad Trad defend an Evangelical Protestant Politician and listen to them how they would work for an Evangelical Politician to restore all things in Christ. 

After you listen to the Latin Mass Attending Gun Totting Ballot Casting Rad Trad - ask him or her how is it that you condemn ecumenism in the clergy but you yourself as a layman engage in Political ecumenism with Protestant Heretics?

The Rad Trad (if he or she has any sense will remain silent) or they will show you their gun and tell you to leave immediately.

So please don't be intimidated with anyone who attends the Latin Mass - it means nothing.

They are just as perverted and twisted as any one else only more so - because they make rules for others that they themselves will not follow such as damning the Clergy for engaging in ecumenism but they themselves claim they have every right to engage in Political Ecumenism.

Its twisted, I know.

Another thing we've learned is that Rad Trads love Nationalism.

Just recently the Rad Trads posted articles on Hundreds of thousands pray rosary at Polish border to keep the Muslim hoard out.

The Rad Trads used this event to prove that all things in Christ will be restored with the help of the Poles.

Funny thing is - and this is funny - is that all the pictures of the Rosary event shows old women praying the Rosary and maybe a few old men.

Here look at a typical picture of the event:

Yeah...a bunch of old woman and some guy looking all holy and pious. (JPII phony piety)

Sorry but this sight does not instill confidence in Poland. Just the opposite.

Well the Rad Trads were ecstatic, and if you didn't pay close attention you just might be ecstatic too!

Well a month later we saw a different face of Poland.


Yes that's right Polish Nationalist thugs marching at night in celebrating their Independence.

Thugs - as in - no old woman allowed - no phony pious looking man kneeling praying the Rosary.

So the Rad Trads mislead you into thinking that old women praying the Rosary in daylight is a sign of restoration, but these evil Rad Trads say nothing of the Thuggish behavior of Polish Nationalists. In fact every Rad Trad has been conditioned into lying to you about their love of Political Nationalism. They deny that they support political Nationalism. Remember the Charlottesvilles VA White Nationalist March with Tikki torches? Remember? I bet you that their were hundreds of Rad Trads in attendance with their Tikki Torches - but they didn't have time to blog about it before the bad Press got out.

I bet the Rad Trads like these flags....notice guns form a cross.....


  1. You paint a picture of the landscape that is horribly off-kilter. Misleading. Despairing.

    1. OK I'll listen please show me a clearer picture.... here is the go to source for Rad Trad view from Zero Hedge: https://tinyurl.com/y9qga5zj


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