Ann Barnhardt's BIG NEWS Has Disappeared!

Ann's promise of BIG NEWS for 20 December:

Everything’s Cool… I wasn’t hacked. Don’t worry. Big news breaking tomorrow, after which I will re-post and update my piece. We’re making headway, folks. The blaspheming malefactors and enemies of God and His Church are being exposed. Stay tuned! Source

As of 21 December the BIG NEWS has failed to materialize - in fact the BIG NEWS post has disappeared as well when you hit the link you get this:

This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help. Source

What was Ann's BIG NEWS?

Maybe Ann's BIG NEWS is the link to LifeSite News:

Vatican’s ‘sexually suggestive’ nativity has troubling ties to Italy’s LGBT activists 

Ann hates the Vatican Nativity scene so much she wants to tear it down:

I think it is now very clear that this blasphemous monstrosity needs to be torn down. And I’m not kidding.  Source

Why is this BIG NEWS?

Some sources say Ann's BIG NEWS:

She outs herself as:

(a) a trans man, 
(b) the author of the Dictator Pope, 
(c) Steve Skojec, and 
(d) a honey trap set up for Cardinal Coccopalmiero's secretary.  

Must of been all of the above....


  1. In the end, 'twas just warmed-over Lie Site News nonsense with the usual obsession about homosex that characterises "spiritually male" Ann B....

    What a rip-off. Click bait at its finest!

  2. How is it she's loose? You know she's a total crack pot. How? Why? Do people give her any credence whatsoever?

    1. The guns...chicks and guns....gets them all the time....go to a gun show and see...


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