Rad Trads Team Up With Southern Baptists Against The Pope! LOL!

What do Catholic Family News and Southern Baptist have in common ?

Both hate the Pope!

Nelson Hertel at the Catholic Family News has to go to Protestant heretics to defend the Catholic Faith?

Quoted in the New York Times, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary stated: "This is the Lord's prayer. It is not, and never has been, the Pope's prayer, and we have the very words of Jesus in the New Testament. It is those very words that the Pope proposes to change. It is not only deeply problematic, it's almost breathtaking." Such a (patently illicit) change which disturbs even the Protestants, would sadly not be without precedent. How can we forget that Christ's words were scandalously changed in the very formula of the consecration of the Precious Blood? For more than four decades in different languages, the celebrant of the Mass has repeated "for you and for all," while it is clear from the Gospel (Matthew 26:28) that Our Lord said "for many" at the Last Supper. Although corrected in English-speaking countries since 2011, "for all" continues to be used in German, Italian, and Spanish celebrations of the Novus Ordo, despite a 2006 Vatican decree to the contrary. And Lead Us Not Into Temptation: A Truly Catholic Explanation 

But it doesn't work!

Hey news for you morons at Catholic Family News - the Southern Baptists do not believe a word of the Our Father. 

You have a major crisis in faith if you think for a minute that the Southern Baptists or any protestant Evangelical heretic believes or can pray any of the seven petitions in the Our Father - especially the petition: And lead us not into Temptation! LOL!

Why are Rad Trads teaming up with Evangelicals and Muslims?


  1. The obvious answer is: because Rad Trads are Muslim Evangelicals with a Catholic coating.

    They share with Islam: the unholy alliance between politics / empire-building and faith, a penchant for boastful and violent words, a completely false understanding of subjugation / patriarchy (as opposed to the genuine Catholic one) and a fulminating hatred of Jewish people.
    They share with Evangelicals: private interpretations of Scripture and Tradition, a tendency to worship personalities and form cults around them (Gruner, Most Holy Family Monastery, Lefebvre, Williamson), an obsession with Freemasonry (cf. Jack Chick), and a false, Jansenist view of grace and predestination.

    In other words: they're the worst of both words.

    An Evangelical or Muslim might just be able to plead "invincible ignorance", though according to St. Thomas Aquinas, even that will not take away their guilt; the best they can hope for is Limbo.

    A Rad Trad cannot even plead that, because they immerse themselves in Catholicism without allowing its essence to pervade them; they merely grab whatever of its accidents is pleasing to the desires of their flesh and their pride. Rad Trads whine about Amoris Laetitia but are perfectly willing to give a pass to adulterous Catholic-in-name-only imbeciles like the Gingrich couple and Steve Bannon. They will receive a more severe punishment and be beaten with many stripes, and will share Hell with all the gay and pedophile bishops and priests they keep lambasting, unless they repent.

  2. "worlds". My keyboard is a little arthritic at times.


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