Wow! Looks Like Gun Nut Fr. Z Is Pro-Muslim! Supports Joseph Shaw's MUSLIM Project!



For those that don't know Mr. Shaw - the LMS Chairman wants MUSLIMS to attend LATIN MASS see here

Any Priest who justifies carrying firearms on him underneath his vestments while saying Latin Mass is gonna continue in his folly.

Hey - just a couple of things:

Demons tempt some men in committing PUBLIC Sins - like Murder

If you are a Priest who carries several weapons on your person when saying Mass you will be sooner or later be tempted to use the weapons - therefore committing the PUBLIC sin of MURDER.

Its much easier for demons to tempt someone in committing the Public Sin of Murder if that person  already possess the tools to do it.

Another observation on the folly of inviting MUSLIMS to a Latin Mass Site:

If members of your own household (new Mass Goers) are not interested in attending Latin Mass why in the hell do you think the Murderous Muslim horde will be interested?