Dave Domet Of Vox Cantoris: Does Pope Francis Realise Who And What He Has Allied Himself With?

Some Hope Pope Francis Is Under Some Spell
Does Pope Francis realise who and what he has allied himself with?  Read More Here>>>>>
The answer of course is yes Pope Francis not only knows who he is dealing with but the Pope himself is orchestrating the whole show - weaker minds  just don't get it.

One comment on the blog makes the observation that Pope Francis is blind to some darkness:
TLM said... Lord, have MERCY on Pope Francis and on the whole world. I truly believe that he has been blinded by darkness.
Same cane be said for men like Dave Domet who for some reason is blind to the reality that Pope Francis is in complete control. But because Domet is alliged to Mike Voirs. Dave dare not call Pope Francis out for what he truly is - a HERETIC!