Dave Domet Vox Cantoris Attacks The Bride of Christ By Calling Her A Corrupt Church Who Gave Us A Ruined Society

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Gay 'marriage' forced on us by 'catholics:' Corrupt Church gave us a ruined society ... Pew Sitter Headlines Read Article Here>>>>
And it is the Catholic Church itself that has caused it all. Dave Domet
Since when is the Spouse of Jesus Christ Crucified 'corrupt'

Language is important.

The Bride of Christ is not to blame it is the wicked Churchmen who occupy seats of power in the Church.

Men like Domet who refuse to lay the blame on Pope Francis will instead attack the Bride of Christ.

Stands to reason that a man like Domet would do such a thing because Domet is bought and sold by Gary Voris.

It is a great sin to attribute anything impure to the Bride of Christ.

Domet & Voris ignore this because both men are set out to attack the bride of Christ.