Won't Fast During EMBER DAYS But Catholic Rudy López Executive Director Of Interfaith Worker Justice Is Fasting For RAMADAN

As the executive director of Interfaith Worker Justice, a national organization that builds power with workers through faith-rooted organizing and advocacy, my faith and values are what ground me and call me to do this work. I'm Catholic and feel deeply connected to my faith, which has been a constant presence in my life, and is the core to who I am. I know that the joy, hope and love I feel within my faith is no different from the joy, hope and love others experience within their own faith tradition. I feel this way because we share a set of common core values, such as respect, dignity, dedication, sacrifice and love. It is because of these shared values that I've decided to join my Muslim friends as they fast from sunup to sundown during this holy month of Ramadan. I also join them in embracing the blessings one receives during such an important time of fasting, charity, prayer and introspection. Read More>>>>>>