Divorced & Remarried in Arkansas? Don't Fret! You Can Received Communion At FSSP Chapel In North Little Rock - MAKE A MESS!

The October Synod will declare that you, who are divorced. and maybe remarried outside the Church are - in the words of Pope Francis - NO LONGER EXCOMMUNICATED!

So what should you do? Well since you are a divorced Catholic I bet you could care less about Mass - especially the stripped and barren new mass.

So what to do? MAKE A MESS!

If you live in Arkansas and are a hillbilly - put on some shoes and go down to the nearest FSSP church:
St. Patrick's Church, St. John the Baptist Latin Mass Community (diocese: Little Rock)
211 W. 19th St. North Little Rock AR 72118

Website: www.arkansaslatinmass.com Masses: Sun. 7.00 and 11.00 a.m. / Mon. Tue. 7.15 a.m. / Wed., Thu., Fri. 6.00 p.m. / Sat. 8.00 a.m. / Holy Days of Obligation: 7.15 a.m., Sung Mass at 7.00 p.m.
The Mass should be in Latin for now - but when a enough of you hillbillies make a mess I bet the FSSP will soon offer a stripped and barren new mass in Engrish.

Why attend the FSSP as a divorced and remarried ex-Catholic?

Because you can! The Pope said so! Whatever that rat bastard of a Pope says - you do!

Its a given that the FSSP priests will say nothing to you - the divorced and re-married Catholic. The thing the FSSP may do is post a note at the door about how you should receive communion in a state of grace etc...But remember Pope Francis says otherwise - or doesn't say at all! Pope Francis wants you the non-attending divorced loser to be happy and the only way to be happy is to attend mass just like everyone else.

So don't worry about receiving communion at the Latin Mass in a FSSP Chapel - remember the FSSP is obedient to Pope Francis and will do anything the Pope says - if any of the FSSP priests give you problems - call the Bishop and tell him that the FSSP priest is not being very 'Francis like'.

The Bishop should talk to the FSSP and demand that the FSSP priest give you - a thrice married loser  - communion!


Now I am not advocating that you commit sin - on the contrary this is what you should do - kick the 2x married bitch sleeping next to you to the curb and grow a set.

Go to Latin Mass remain in a state of grace by making a general confession - give up your ridiculous martial situation and attend Mass every day - a Latin Mass at an SSPX chapel.

Fuck Pope Francis! Fuck the Synod! & Fuck the liturgical Mess that is the stripped and barren new Mass! - Do everything for the Glory of God and save your soul in the process - everything else is null.