FSSP Must Allow Divorced And Remarried Catholics To Receive Communion Or Face SCHISM & Lose Everything! Probably Forced To Perform A Gay Marriage Or Two Once A Year!

Shot With His Own FSSP Gun
No Martyrdom Here

Hey! Have you been paying attention to the nasty - very nasty - attitudes directed toward the SSPX by supposed Latin Mass Attending Traditionalists?

Should I make a list of the bloggers?

Not really necessary is it? Most Nastiness comes from those who attend the FSSP Masses.

According to these FSSP Latin Mass attending bloggers, the SSPX is in SCHISM!

One should never attend a SSPX Mass etc....

Well guess what? The shoe is about to drop on the FSSP.

They will be forced to tow the Vatican line after the synod - meaning that the FSSP must give proof of their love for Pope Francis and his wicked ways by allowing divorced and remarried Catholics access to the Sacraments. Eventually the FSSP will have to perform Gay Marriages! LOL!

This is what you'll get When you mess with us.....