Gas Masks Or Birettas? Shouldn't Fr. John Zuhlsdorf Demand Gas Masks For Tianjin Blast Victims Instead Of Birettas For Fat American Seminarians?

Necessary Gas Mask.....

Message reportedly from US Embassy:
For your information and consideration for action. First rain expected today or tonight. Avoid ALL contact with skin. If on clothing, remove and wash as soon as possible, and also shower yourself. Avoid pets coming into contact with rains, or wet ground, and wash them immediately if they do. Rinse umbrellas thoroughly in your bath or shower once inside, following contact with rain. Exercise caution for any rains until all fires in Tianjin are extinguished and for the period 10 days following. These steps are for you to be as safe as possible, since we are not completely sure what might be in the air. Remember the brave firefighters and their families along with all those suffering from the accident in Tianjin. Stand strong together China! 

SUCCESS! ACTION ITEM! Correct a GREAT INJUSTICE! (Hint: Birettas Gas Masks … seminarians…men women and children)

There are seminarians men women and children who don’t have birettas gas masks.

There are – worse yet – seminarians men women and children of the Diocese of Madison Tianjin, China who don’t have birettas! gas masks!

Seminarians came to a Pontifical Mass at the Throne and they participated men women and children were victims of a blast that released toxic chemicals… I can hardly bring myself to say it… nude and were without protective gas masks.

They were uncovered without gas masks.

These seminarians,  men women and children dear friends, need our help.

Therefore, I have a project.