First Thing I Do When Invited Over To Hilary White’s Apartment For Dinner Is To Strangle All Her Cats!

Hilary White is an Anglo-Canadian, who started researching, writing and lobbying in the political end of the pro-life movement in 1999, moved to Rome in 2008 and covered Vatican and European news related to "life and family issues" from a Catholic perspective until May 2015. She lives with her three cats and garden in the Peaceable Kingdom of Norcia, in Umbria, where she chants Vespers in Latin every day, and refuses to go to Rome for any reason whatsoever. She hopes the world does not end before she can get the last of the tomatoes in. Read More>>>>>>>

Hey Hilary the little office of the Blessed Virgin Mary contains eight hours to pray …not just Vespers…and muslim pray 5x a day…come on….now….