Ohhhh...And This is One Of The Cardinals That Signed That Letter Addressed To The Pope.....Ohhhhh..... DOLAN MEETS THE ROCKETTES!!!

What A Fool

How can any of you really take that letter addressed to the Pope seriously? It was all a show & the Synod was all a sham, and your signature on a petition didn't change a damn thing..

The city’s top priest seems to be getting a kick out of these lovely ladies. Cardinal Timothy Dolan stopped in to Radio City Music Hall on Thursday for the annual blessing of the animals used in the Rockettes’ holiday show.The holy man appeared to have a blast hanging out with the leggy beauties — even testing out his flexibility after joining in on a mini-kickline. Prior to their first rehearsal, Dolan blessed the camels and other animals used in the “Living Nativity” scene in the Christmas Spectacular show. NY POST Read More>>>>