Alabama New Mass Attending Catholic Converts To Islam!


The stripped and barren New mass creates converts to Islam!

Muslims view Christians’ celebration as a ‘happy occasion’

Before spending part of Christmas day with his Catholic family, Sean Jobst went to pray at the Anniston Islamic Center mosque. For Jobst, who converted to Islam while his family remained “steeped in Catholicism,” Christmas is a cultural touchstone. “I don’t celebrate it as a religious thing,” he said outside the mosque Friday. “It’s just a time for family to get together. That’s the main thing.” Annistonstar read more>>>>>

Wow! I guess that one thing that can be said for the stripped and barren new mass & ecumenism -  it'll make you convert to Islam.


  1. I have long since abandoned Islam and am no longer a Muslim. Barely six months after that interview, I had rejected it. Indeed, I have since been writing against the Islamization of the West, as a search for my articles will attest. I will say though that the "new mass" had absolutely nothing to do with why I converted, which is far more complex.


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