LOL! Alice von Hildebrand Is Spreading The Demonic Lie: "The Only Recourse We Have Now Is Prayer" Really? Don't Forget The Casting Of A Ballot For Some Lily White Protestant For US President!

Prayer? See lie here

That's the only recourse? Prayer is the only recourse left to the laity?

Says who?

This is why the Catholic laity are impotent.

If I remember my Catholic faith & history correctly, I'm pretty sure the Church already has religious whose vocation it is to PRAY 24/7.

Prayer is the duty of the religious.

The duty if the laity is to raise families, obey Caesar and give temporal support to the Church.

Oh...wait...there is no Caesar to obey...just some protestant clown of a politician. Yea....maybe the prayerful laity should come down from their spiritual ecstasies, and contemplations and focus instead on restoring the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor....yea maybe time should be better spent in doing the things of the laity then spending time on doing the things of a religious!


Maybe the lot of you should have become priests & religious etc, because sure as hell the lot of you laity have better formation than most Bishops Priests & Popes!