Remnant Newspaper Promoting The Doctrine That GOD Picks The President Of The United States!


Not only do the folks at the Remnant Newspaper hold to the belief that one has to vote Republican in order to remain in a state of grace, but now the Remnant claims that the Blessed Trinity picks the President of the United States!


So according to the Remnant your votes don't matter anyways, because GOD picks the US President!


James Cunningham • 13 hours ago It is often hard to comprehend the awful truth that all power and authority on this earth is given from above. It is the Will of God and not mine or yours that rules the universe. Whatever comes of our foolish game of democracy the final result cannot overrule the Will of God. Which ever candidate emerges the winner of the Presidency it was never by our will. Some would like to think so but, it will be a determination made by God and we will get the President He judges we should have. Yes, since we live in a democracy we must vote for the candidate that best supports God but, the moral core of the nation's people, will through the Power of Jesus Christ, affect the final decision that comes down from above. We will soon be able to see who we as a nation really are. If we are a good nation we will produce a good President and if not we will be cursed with Hillary.

Henry Ptak James Cunningham • 5 hours ago Who is elected may have very little to do with the will of the people - pray that God makes our vote (insofar as it has any influence at all) more than equal to the horrific corruption we face. It's obvious that the fix is in.

DMill James Cunningham • 7 hours ago I agree with all of your points, James. Considering how quickly we, as a nation, tossed out our Christian principles and ran headlong into degeneracy and corruption, it cannot be hard to believe that God may be prepared to take away all of the blessings he once lavished upon us as a nation. I pray that he touches enough hearts between now and Tuesday that He will be moved to give us another chance to clear our heads and choose rightly at the polling place, and in our spirits, as well.

James Cunningham DMill • an hour ago Exactly right. My prayer as well. This is probably our last opportunity to redeem ourselves. God's Will Be Done!
Dante rightly termed the Seven Imperial Electors who elect the Roman Emperor as the Proclaimers of Divine Providence because God blesses the man chosen by the Seven Imperial Electors. And to war against the outcome of the Imperial Election is to was against the will of God.

This does not apply to modern Democracy.

Modern Democracy was created by man and Hell to war against the Divine Will for governing man.

God has nothing to do with man-made modern democracy.

The idiots at the Remnant are too foolish to see this.