Rad Trad Nationalism: Bologna Massacre & Flooding England With Muslim Terrorists

Bologna Massacre
  2 August 1980
List Of Dead

  • Antonella Ceci, 19
  • Angela Marino, 23
  • Leo Luca Marino, 24
  • Domenica Marino, 26
  • Errica Frigerio, 57
  • Vito Diomede Fresa, 62
  • Cesare Francesco Diomede Fresa, 14
  • Anna Maria Bosio, 28
  • Carlo Mauri, 32
  • Luca Mauri, 6
  • Eckhardt Mader, 14
  • Margret Rohrs, 39
  • Kai Mader, 8
  • Sonia Burri, 7
  • Patrizia Messineo, 18
  • Silvana Serravalli, 34
  • Manuela Gallon, 11
  • Natalia Agostini, 40
  • Marina Antonella Trolese, 16
  • Anna Maria Salvagnini, 51
  • Roberto De Marchi, 21
  • Elisabetta Manea, 60
  • Eleonora Geraci, 46
  • Vittorio Vaccaro, 24
  • Velia Carli, 50
  • Salvatore Lauro, 57
  • Paolo Zecchi, 23
  • Viviana Bugamelli, 23
  • Catherine Helen Mitchell, 22
  • John Andrew Kolpinski, 22
  • Angela Fresu, 3
  • Maria Fresu, 24
  • Loredana Molina, 44
  • Angelica Tarsi, 72
  • Katia Bertasi, 34
  • Mirella Fornasari, 36
  • Euridia Bergianti, 49
  • Nilla Natali, 25
  • Franca Dall'Olio, 20
  • Rita Verde, 23
  • Flavia Casadei, 18
  • Giuseppe Patruno, 18
  • Rossella Marceddu, 19
  • Davide Caprioli, 20
  • Vito Ales, 20
  • Iwao Sekiguchi, 20
  • Brigitte Drouhard, 21
  • Roberto Procelli, 21
  • Mauro Alganon, 22
  • Maria Angela Marangon, 22
  • Verdiana Bivona, 22
  • Francisco Gómez Martínez, 23
  • Mauro Di Vittorio, 24
  • Sergio Secci, 24
  • Roberto Gaiola, 25
  • Angelo Priore, 26
  • Onofrio Zappalà, 27
  • Pio Carmine Remollino, 31
  • Gaetano Roda, 31
  • Antonino Di Paola, 32
  • Mirco Castellaro, 33
  • Nazzareno Basso, 33
  • Vincenzo Petteni, 34
  • Salvatore Seminara, 34
  • Carla Gozzi, 36
  • Umberto Lugli, 38
  • Fausto Venturi, 38
  • Argeo Bonora, 42
  • Francesco Betti, 44
  • Mario Sica, 44
  • Pier Francesco Laurenti, 44
  • Paolino Bianchi, 50
  • Vincenzina Sala, 50
  • Berta Ebner, 50
  • Vincenzo Lanconelli, 51
  • Lina Ferretti, 53
  • Romeo Ruozi, 54
  • Amorveno Marzagalli, 54
  • Antonio Francesco Lascala, 56
  • Rosina Barbaro, 58
  • Irene Breton, 61
  • Pietro Galassi, 66
  • Lidia Olla, 67
  • Maria Idria Avati, 80
  • Antonio Montanari, 86
Rad Trads are those who attend the Latin Mass because they believe that the new mass has been Protestantised, but they also defend the protestant form of government - modern democracy. They always vote in democratically held elections because Rad Trads claim that the protestant form of government - modern democracy will somehow restore all things in Christ.

Protestant form of mass = bad
Protestant form of political government = good

Silly. I know.

But they don't get it.

Rad Trads are nationalists to a core because they think that globalism is evil and from the pit of hell, but smaller forms of government - nationalism are better and good - because its small.

Big = bad
Small = good

Rad Trads have not figured it out yet that modern democracy created the very globalism that they despise. So in order to defeat their enemy globalism they must use modern democracy to kill it.

Again, silly.

Here is a real life Rad Trad Nationalist - his name is Roberto Fiore.

Mr. Fiore is a darling of the Rad Trad movement - even Fr. Gruner himself wanted Mr. Fiore to speak at one of his Fatima Peace Conferences. Mr. Fiore never showed up.

As a teenager Mr. Fiore started a political movement the Terza Posizione.

This Nationalist political party was involved in the Bologna Massacre in which 85 were murdered when a bomb exploded at the train station.

Rad Trad Nationalist Mr. Fiore denies involvement and denies that he knew any of the perpetrators. Still Fiore fled to London to escape arrest.

In the investigations following the Bologna Massacre (and the discovery of explosives being smuggled by members of Terza Posizione in Rome during a casual control) an arrest warrant was issued on 28 August 1980 for Adinolfi, Fiore and other 26 far right exponents. Source 

1993 Article:

The terror trail that won't grow cold: Dark forces bombed Bologna station in 1980, killing 85.

Less than 150 miles away lives one of the subjects of his correspondence, Roberto Fiore, a prominent Italian neo-fascist. Fiore runs an employment and accommodation agency for foreign students in London, where he has lived since the attack in Bologna. Although he is not in any way implicated in the massacre, investigators believe he may be able to give them valuable information. He belonged to the political wing of the neo-fascist group whose members were convicted of planting the bomb. But Fiore denies that he knew them. 'I had nothing to do with those people,' he said when contacted at Meeting Point, his office in Kensington. An Italian attempt in 1982 to extradite Fiore, and a fellow neo-fascist, Massimo Morsello, failed when British magistrates ruled there was insufficient evidence to support the charge on which they were wanted: subversive conspiracy and membership of an armed gang. In 1985, an Italian court sentenced them in absentia to nine and 10 years respectively. 'We were convicted only of belonging to a group not recognised by the state. That is not a crime here,' said Morsello. He does not deny the pair are fascists, but says their political activity is a thing of the past. 'Of course I wanted to subvert the state when I was 18, but I can say categorically that we never broke the law.' Source

What did Fiore do in England?

He formed a employment agency for MUSLIM immigrants and formed a language school for MUSLIM immigrants

Funny how a man who is against Muslim immigrants made a living off Muslim immigrants.

2008 Article:

Language school run by Italian fascist leader 

A popular language college in London is controlled by the leader of an Italian neo-fascist party who has links to the British National party, the Guardian has learned. CL English Language, a college in west London that teaches hundreds of foreign students each year, is controlled by Roberto Fiore, leader of Forza Nuova, an extreme right-wing party. Fiore, who once said he was happy to be described as a neo-fascist and who is an old friend and mentor of Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, was appointed as a director of the college more than two years ago and became sole director in August last year. Source

How many of Fiore's MUSLIM students, tenants and employees later became bomb throwing terrorists?

Roberto Fiore is very active in Italy with the help of a ex-SSPX priest Fr. Tam

Here let Rad Trad Fr. Gurner tell you about Roberto:

Roberto was born in Rome, Italy on April 15 1959. He is Catholic, married and father of 11 children, he entered in politics in 1973. Since 1997 his political party Forza Nuova is oriented to focus on the well being of Italy. The party’s program is outlined in “8 Steady Points for National Reconstruction”. These points anticipate the main political, economical and social themes of today. He believes in the importance of all sovereign countries to cooperate to achieve the above goals. This policy brought him to travel several times to Russia where he’s willing to establish a cultural and political connection to achieve the project of a Christian and Roman Europe that includes Russia as being the possible future world peace power. He’s also been a European parliamentarian from May 2008 to July 2009. Source

So yes Rad Trad Nationalists are a dangerous lot.


  1. When people stop believing in God, they'll believe in anything, including "rad trad nationalism". (Apologies to G. K. Chesterton.)


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