Raging Prophet Dave Domet Back To Visit His Own Vomit: Refuses To Call Pope Francis The Pope & Calls The New Mass A 'Bastard Rite'

Raging Layman Dave's Prophecy:

This man-centered "church" will collapse along with its bastard rite. What will remain are those faithful Catholics who will not renounce the faith of their fathers and those Catholics whose eyes will be opened. The future is in tradition and it is the opinion of this writer that the Holy Spirit of God was acting through Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to maintain the liturgy and the faith until such time as the rest of the Church finds its way to wake up from the drunken stupor which it has found itself in and kicks out the whore with whom it has fornicated. Source

Gee...I guess raging prophet Dave forgot about the words of Our Lady at Fatima on the murder of the Fatima Pope - murdered by a group of soldiers who were lying wait on top a steep mountain.

Gee I wonder why those Nationalist Soldiers were waiting on top a steep mountain?

Gee...maybe its because those Nationalist Soldiers didn't want to wait for the 'collaspe' of the man centered church along with the collapse of the 'bastard' rite! So they headed for the hills.

Gee...it looks like the Nationalists soldiers were pushed into a corner waiting for the collapse of the church and mass based on the prophecy of the raging layman Dave.

Gee....looks like Rad Trads are in for a great disappointment.

Hey guys...this is another 40+ years work in progress it isn't going to end over night. But the majority of you morons are too dense to see that.

You want immediate results - which you will not get.

Oh....and yes there are a few of you Rad Trads who will take matters into their own hands...you know the type...the ones with guns........