Skojec Blames Pope Francis! Scandalized Catholics Are Losing The Faith & Leaving the Church Because Of Pope Francis!

First off Faith is a gift from God.

Faith is not a gift from Pope Francis.

Pope Francis has nothing to do with whether our Faith is strong or weak.

Secondly God gave all men the faculty of Understanding.

This faculty of the Soul is not given to us by Pope Francis.

Our Understanding is given to us by God.

So it is God who can increase our Understanding of the Faith. We just have to ask God for help.

There are also other gifts from God that we should pray to God for and these are:

1. Wisdom
2. Understanding
3. Counsel
4. Fortitude
5. Knowledge
6. Piety
7. Holy Fear Of The Lord

These seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost are not gifts from Pope Francis

Pope Francis has nothing to do with these gifts that are sent from above.

Pope Francis does not gift wrap these gifts and then hand them out to us.

Pope Francis did not buy these gifts to give to us.

Again Pope Francis can not take these gifts from us.

The only reason a Catholic leaves the faith is because of weak or bad will on their part - you can not blame someone else for loss of your faith. You can not blame a priest for losing your faith. You can not blame a nun for losing your faith. You can not blame a bishop for losing your faith. You can not blame the Pope for losing your faith.

You only have yourself to blame - there is no one else to blame.

So Steve lies again when he says:
  • this pope has done great damage to the faithful in their ability to comprehend and accept authentic Catholic teaching.
  • for some who are already struggling with their faith, or why they’ve converted, running into endless debates on who is pope and who isn’t and why and why not just compounds the confusion they already feel about the chaos in the Church. It has the potential to lead people astray, or to cause them to give up completely.
  • This is a cross. There is no question. It is a heavy one, and for some, it has scandalized them to the point of losing their faith. Source
Can any of you name one Scandalized Catholic who loss his faith and left the Catholic Church because of Pope Francis?

Just one?

Can you direct me to the blog where the blogger claims to have left the Church because of Pope Francis?

There is none.

Again the only reason a Catholic loses his faith is because of their own bad will.

So please stop blaming Pope Francis for your lack of faith.

Of course Steve's followers will never lose the faith because they have Steve as a guide:

Are we, finding ourselves in the midst of this storm, reacting like the apostles before us? Do we wish to prod Him (Steve Our Master) from His (apparent) sleep, crying out, “Master Steve, does it not concern thee that we perish?” Source

Yes Steve is the Master and only Steve can save his followers from shipwreck...but you gotta send him your money in order to be saved from shipwreck!


  1. People who have lost their faith (allegedly) due to Pope Francis:

    Hillary White (Protestant convert)
    Ann Barnhardt (Protestant convert)
    Steve Skojec (cult member of Maciel Macial's Legion of Pedophilia)
    Vox Cantoris (sold his wife for $900 Canadian dollars to get a new and improved model named after Pope Francis!)
    S. Armaticus (defender of homosexuals, as long as they utter the right political catchphrases)
    St Corbinian's Bear (member of the furry fandom aka zoophilia)

    Isn't the pattern obvious? The perversion is in their hearts, and would be there even if St. Pius X descended from Heaven to rule the Church again. Let's imagine:

    Hillary: "This Pius X doesn't want us to have meetings with Evangelicals? Liberal loser! Novus Ordoist?"
    Steve: "I am a little uncomfortable about Pius X's pronouncements on modernism. The modern age FTW! I love playing Internet chess! Of course, this doesn't mean he's not the Pope, but...nudge nudge, wink wink"
    Vox: "This Pope won't give me an annulment? I'm going to go Henry VIII on him and join the Anglican Church in Canada!"
    S. Armaticus: "This Pope is an anti-realist if he thinks Milo is going to Hell. Milo and Jordan Petersen are prophets! Pius X should take the red pill!"
    St. Corbinian's Bear: (too busy drooling over My Little Pony fansites to utter a coherent sentence)


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