Who Said It? Ann Barnhardt Or Shirtless White Nationalist Christopher Cantwell

Who said it: 'TRUMP Let A Jew Steal His Daughter'
  • White Nationalist Christopher Cantwell
  • White Nationalist Ann Barnhardt
Well they both did.

A white supremacist Charlottesville rally co-organizer says he is disgusted that the president 'let a Jew steal his daughter'. Christopher Cantwell says he is hopeful that someone 'a lot more racist' and 'capable of violence' than Donald Trump will come along to spread their racist ideals. 'Somebody like Donald Trump, who does not give his daughter to a Jew,' he said, in a documentary on last weekend's deadly march in Virginia. 'I don't think you could feel the way I do about race, and watch that Kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl.' Source


  1. Note that Fr Z is still completely silent about this.

    Also, he has a creepy foot fetish: wdtprs.com/blog/2017/08/my-view-for-awhile-homeward/

    What would drive a Catholic priest to take pictures of a woman's bare feet and post them on his blog???

    What a freaking pervert. I have lost all respect for this individual.

    "Cesspools of impurity" indeed! =(

  2. More sick nonsense from Steve Skojec (writing as "anonymous"):

    Claiming that a man born with a disfigured hand is "touched by sin!"

    Does this moron even read Sacred Scripture? Gospel of St. John, ch. 9, verses 1-3? Give it up Skojec, you're just a Protestant now. Or a Hindu (with their crappy "karma / birth defects are due to sin in a previous life") nonsense.

    I hope you get massacred (metaphorically speaking) by Charlie Gard's parents, to whom I am forwarding your insane article.

  3. I wish I could post gifs here - I have one for you - I posted it to my Facebook - it's from the Sixth Sense, only the kid says - "I see stupid people ..." You would love it.

    1. the above nazi is caught crying on camera - I will post later


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