Fatimaistas SCATTERED Abroad Over False DOLLINGER PROPHECY! When Prophecy Shall Fail, The People Shall Be Scattered Abroad

When prophecy shall fail, the people shall be scattered abroad Proverbs 29:18 


That took a real long time......took about eight years for the Fatimaistas to be scattered abroad.

I made it a point that what Fr. Gruner was spreading - was in fact a lie. The lie came from the lips of Fr. Dollinger & Fr. Kramer. The Fatimaistas claimed that Fr. Dollinger was a prophet. It's obvious he is not.

Both Fr. Dollinger & Fr. Gruner are dead.

Fr. Kramer however is still alive.

And as of today it looks like the bad fruits of the Dollinger/Gruner/Kramer Prophecy are now made manifest to the world - just like Proverbs had said would happen when false prophets utter false prophecy:

When prophecy shall fail, the people shall be scattered abroad Proverbs 29:18 

The Famitaists are now scattered abroad:

What’s Going on at the Fatima Center?

I posted the following on June 15, 2009

Fr Paul Kramer And His Demons: The Failed World War III Prophecy Of The German Priest/Mystic Updated 

Father Kramer: 'Well, here we go beyond the firm evidence of approved apparitions and into the realm of speculation. Based on the reported prophecies of a German priest, a mystic, whose veracity is attested to by another German priest I regard as utterly trustworthy, we can surmise that the year 2008 will see the outbreak of war and 2011 the Consecration of Russia and the beginning of the period of peace spoken of by Our Lady of Fatima. The period of chastisement may continue past 2011, but by 2013 the chastisement will have ended and this may be the actual year of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart' World War III and Worse 

The Crusader Issue 92 dated May 2009 tells us that:

“The Secret Warned Against Vatican Council II and the New Mass: An Exclusive Fatima Crusader Interview with Father Paul Kramer”

In this interview Fr Paul Kramer gives his reasons why he believes that the Secret of Fatima contains a warning not to change the liturgy and warning of an evil Council that would cause great scandal in the Church. Fr Paul Kramer claims that he has knowledge of this because a long-time personal friend of Cardinal Ratzinger told him so:

"I know this to be a fact because I have personally spoken with a German theologian and a seminary Rector who is a longtime close friend of Pope Benedict."

Fr Paul Kramer goes on to state that:

"I can say this much: We’re talking about an elderly priest, a long-time personal friend of Pope Benedict, a man who was a long-time personal acquaintance of St. Pio of Piertrelcina [Padre Pio]. In fact, he told me he had gone to confession to Padre Pio 58 times. This is a man who for many years was the Rector of a seminary in South America; a man who is highly esteemed, who is of great reputation in the Church. I would also point out that in the diocese where he worked what I have said about the Third Secret, what Cardinal Ratzinger revealed to him, was common knowledge among the young priests who were seminarians and deacons at the time this man was Rector. They all know the story that Cardinal Ratzinger had told him."

From bits and pieces of the interview, I gather that this German priest is Father Dollinger who is described as an elderly German priest & theologian who was a Rector of a South American seminary. Looks like the Fatima Crusader relies heavily on Fr Paul Kramer’s German Priest friend as a source of information on the words of Our Lady.

So fair game, here goes: Father Paul Kramer, is this Father Dollinger, who is described as an elderly German Priest & theologian, and who was a Rector of a South American seminary, the same German Priest that you ‘regard as utterly trustworthy’ who is mentioned in the article on World War III and worse?

You tell us that this elderly German Priest (Fr. Dollinger?) attests to the veracity of the German Priest/Mystic who falsely prophesied the start of World War III in the spring of 2008, you said that:

we can surmise that the year 2008 will see the outbreak of war

This prophecy failed. These reported prophecies of a German Priest/Mystic are false and lying prophecies. Are they not? What happen? Who was wrong here? Was the prophet wrong or was the German Priest (Fr. Dollinger?) who attested to the veracity of the false prophet wrong? Looks like the gift of discernment failed on all fronts. So if Father Dollinger is the same Priest as the one who attested to the veracity of the false prophet, why would anyone believe Father Dollinger now? What will become of the Fatima Crusader and those who support the Fatima Crusader?

When prophecy shall fail, the people shall be scattered abroad Proverbs 29:18


  1. And then Charlie Johnston's stuff didn't turn out. How about Fr. Gobbi? His stuff never turned out either. What can I say?

    1. we don't have any prophets today - just profits.

      God must be really mad at us - because He doesn't send anyone to warn us.

  2. Fatima turned out just as predicted.........Bishop against Bishop and Cardinal against Cardinal..........what did not turn out was the lie Bertone and Sodano pushed......The vision was about Pope John Paul 2. Really boyz?
    Our Lady did not get the heavenly memo that he would not drop dead when she showed the children the Bishop in white shot dead in 1917 ? hmmmmm..........


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