Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock's Arsenal Of Guns & Rad Trad Ann Barnhardt You Don’t Have NEARLY Enough Long Guns And Ammo. You Should Get On That IMMEDIATELY!

This is Rad Trad Ann Barnhardt's advice in wake of the Mandalay Massacre:

Oh, one last thing. You don’t have NEARLY enough long guns and ammo. You should get on that IMMEDIATELY. Ann Barnhardt

Paddock's Weapons Of Choice:

1) Four DDM4 rifles, the LA Times reports. Manufactured by Daniel Defense, the rifle features a muzzle flash suppressor, making it harder to tell where the weapon is being fired from. It also has a freefloat rail allowing for a variety of attachments including scopes and grips to enhance stability. The rifle costs $1,900 if bought new 
2) Three FN-15 rifles. Made by FN America, they also feature a muzzle flash suppressor and 'H buffer system', which reduces recoil and increases accuracy. FN-15 refers to a series of rifles, rather than a specific weapon, which range from smaller carbines to replicas of the military-issue M16. It is not known exactly which version was owned by Paddock. They range in price from $1,000 to $2,000, if bought new  
3) At least one AK-47. A Russian-designed assault rifle, it was used by the country's military from 1945 and is still used by armies and rebel groups around the world. Known for its simplicity and reliability, it fires 7.62x39mm rounds which makes it less accurate but more devastating than other semi-automatic rifles. It can retail for as little as $600  

4) At least one Colt AR-15. This rifle is known as the most popular in America, with an estimated 8million in homes around the country. It is also gaining a dubious reputation as the weapon of choice for mass shooters, from movie theatre killer James Holmes to San Bernardino terrorist Omar Mateen 


  1. Why aren't Skojec, Barnhardt and White, not to mention "Donald Duck" Dave Domet, signing the Filial Correction?

    Could it be that they're too unimportant to join the list of pedants and clowns already signed up there?

    Face it, Skojec and co: even in Trad Land, you're low men on the totem pole. =)

  2. I thought it funny that they asked Mr. Hickson to sign the Filial Correction but they did not ask Mrs. Maike Hickson to sign or Mr. Skojec to sign! LOL!

    1. I think even they realize that Mrs. Hickson and Mr. Skojec are yellow journalists, plain and simple, and that having them on the "Fraternal Correction" would make it look even sillier than it is.

      Other notable omissions:
      Fr. Z (aka Fr. GunZ)
      Fr. Rick Heilman (aka "Let me promote some idiot prophesied that Trump would restore Christianity")
      Fr. Anonymous Coward at Rorate Caeli (aka "I hate the Sacrament of Matrimony")
      Gary Michael Voris (aka "Trump is the new Constantine so let's do the happy dance!")
      Joseph Sciambra (aka "The Devil entered my rectum")
      Fr. Frank Pavone (aka "Dead Baby Comedy is great for our liturgy")
      Fr. Thomas Euteneuer (aka "Pro-Life means that I get to grope half-conscious women")
      E. Michael Jones (aka "Okay, Gary, I'll spew my conspiracy theories on your show but don't get too gay with me!")
      Randy Engel (aka Obsessed Yaoi Fangirl)
      Louie Verecchio (aka "The whole Catholic blogosphere are idiots, except ME! ME! ME!!!")

      What are the odds that these random malcontents will start a "petition" of their own? LOL! =)


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