1. Hillary White
2. Steve Skojec
3. Ann Barnhardt
4. Milo Yiannopoulos
5. Stephen K. Bannon
6. Gary Voris

Dictator Pope Author claims to be a guy, which means he is probably a chick - Hillary White.

Ann Barnhardt has dreams of being a guy (tie and all) so it could be Ann.

If it were Steve or Milo then they would've claimed to be a girl.

As for Bannon he got laid off just in time to write this e-book

Gary? (I needed to add another name).

Marcantonio Colonna, the pseudonymous author of The Dictator Pope, has said the Vatican is trying to discover his identity. The book was published as a Kindle edition last week and has caused consternation with its claims about Pope Francis’s reign. Speaking to the Catholic Herald over email, Colonna claimed that the Pope had been given a list of possible names. “A person in England was misidentified as the author at one point and immediately received threatening telephone calls from Rome,” Colonna said. “I now hear that Vatican officials have laid before the Pope a shortlist of six people who they think may be the possible author. I suspect that it’s not for the purpose of awarding a literary prize.” Source


  1. I think Skojec (primary author) and White (translator into Italian) is the most likely hypothesis. Which explains all his blathering about a "secret project" on 1P5 and his fights with Mrs. Skojec and the little Skojecs.

    Another hypothesis could be looney sedevacantist Louie Verecchio, who is also Italian (and hence could do it single-handedly) and has also been boasting of a "secret project" on his echo chamber of a blog.

    At any rate, when the truth comes out, I shall greet it with a yawn and a "called it". =)

  2. Fr Z says that the book is making waves and the Anonymous “Dictator Pope” author hunted by the Vatican...

    Yeah I agree with you I think the usual suspects are all a part of it.

    More hype than anything else.

    Pope Francis is still the Pope and Steve is not.

    1. In this case, the trail of evidence is all too obvious.

      Skojec has already written an article called "The Dictator of the Vatican" which reads like an abstract of this book.
      White's blog has gone silent, presumably because she has gone incommunicado to work on writing / translating.
      Lie Site News (White's former employer and a site regularly shilled by Skojec, Fr. Z, etc.) somehow land an "interview" with the mysterious Mr. Colonna.
      Tess Livingstone of the Australian (a known "fake trad" who went into ecstasies over the "dubia") immediately publishes an article lauding the book.
      And now The Catholic Herald (home of British failed trads who were kicked out of the BFF Circle because they were too gay) is publishing an e-mail from "Colonna" claiming that he's being hunted down.
      Astroturfing, rumours, lies, innuendoes, gossip - yes, the Father of Lies is well pleased with these servants of his masquerading as "Traditional Catholics".

  3. Replies
    1. Ah, the idiots from Catholic Answers Forums are here. I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

  4. I'd be really shocked if Hillary wrote journalistic Italian.


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