Fr. Frank Phillips HIRES Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer? What?

A spokesman made clear no minors were involved. "Father Phillips is looking forward to the convocation of the review board," Steven Komie, attorney for Phillips, told Church Militant. "His religious superiors are going to appoint the board, and he's looking forward to appearing in front of the board and clearing his name and reputation." Source


Needs to lawyer up?

Is Fr. Philips not allowed to issue a statement?

Fr. Philips wants to leave his parishioners in the dark until the board is done with its finding?

How long will that take?

Until Advent 2018?

Or Easter 2019?

Fr. Frank Phillips is now in hiding......


  1. This post is absolute idiocy. I was a longtime parishioner at St. John Cantius and do not for one moment believe the accusations made against Father C. Frank Phillips, C.R. Nor do I know one other person who knows him well who believes anything of the sort. After 25+ years at that parish, with not one whiff of any sexual impropriety, suddenly someone who wants to keep his identity secret, make such allegations.
    FYI, Father Phillips' faculties were immediately removed by Cardinal Blase Cupich, whose animosity towards traditionalist priests, and whose friendliness towards the LGBTQ community, is well documented. In case you did not know, this means that Father Phillips' ability to perform his priestly functions were immediately removed. He cannot offer Mass, cannot hear confessions, cannot distribute Holy Communion, teach religious ed or other classes, etc., and he was ordered by the Cardinal to leave the parish immediately.
    Despite your unfortunate and ill-advised accusations, Father Phillips is not "in hiding." His religious order, the Resurrectionists, have jurisdiction over his case. (This is because he is a priest affiliated with a religious order, and is not a diocesan, or secular, priest.)
    It is his religious order who have jurisdiction over his church case, not the Archdiocese of Chicago.
    Further, if you would bother to do even the tiniest amount of investigative reporting, you would have found out that Father Phillips is under a "gag order" from both the Cardinal, and his religious order. Since as an order priest he is bound by strict religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, he has chosen to honor those vows and to keep silent.
    Until the nature of these spurious accusations becomes known, it seems, to me, you would do better to not post wild speculations as facts, nor to ask idiotic questions thinking that they will lead you anywhere.
    HINT: Father Phillips was tasked by the late Cardinal Francis George with cleaning up that notorious filled-to-overflowing-with-real-sexual-filth-heresy-and-general-depravity, otherwise known as Mundelein Seminary, in the early to mid 2000's. One of the younger priests at St. John Cantius announced from the pulpit during Sunday Mass, that he was happy to announce that Mundelein Seminary had finally been cleaned up.
    Talk about the Herculean task of cleaning up the Augean stables!
    As you may (or may not) be aware, the gay community in Chicago as elsewhere is notorious for its anti-Catholic bigotry. If crossed, they develop deep hatreds, are totally unforgiving, and will do anything within their power to destroy whomever it was that crossed him.
    Since Father Phillips was never afraid to call out sexual sin and sexual depravity in any of its multiple forms and manifestations, from pornography and trafficking of women and girls, to fornication, adultery, cohabitation, and LGBTQ activities, and since he testifies openly to the Roman Catholic faith in its entirety, I think it fair to say he has garnered many, many enemies over the years. That they will stop at nothing, from false accusations and attempted character assassination to destroy him, is a given. The only wonder to me is that they took so long to go this particular route.

  2. And another thing--Father Phillips has done more to bring the Traditional Latin Mass back to Chicago than anyone else. Also, when I was a parishioner, he was probably the one priest who did more to encourage frequent, worthy Confession than any other priest I know (or know of). During the 20+ years I attended there, on Sunday mornings, generally, anywhere from 3 to 5 to even 7 confessionals were manned by ordained Catholic priests. Retired priests and/or faithful and devout Cathbolic priests who were being persecuted for their staunchly Catholic beliefs used to come to that church to help out with confessions. Believe me when I say there were a LOT of Catholics, including me, who went to St. John Cantius parish, and eventually signed up as parishioners, because in Chicago there were many, many so-called Catholic parishes which offered NO confessions at all, only once or twice a year "penance services" which as you should know, are no good at all for absolving mortal sin.
    It has been said that for normal Catholic adults, frequent worthy confession is the single most important aspect of their religious life, insofar as working out one's salvation is concerned.
    The active discouragement given by far-too-many so-called Catholic priests as to the sacrament of confession leads, of course, to unworthy reception of Holy Communion, itself another mortal sin, and so on and so on....
    Rather than attacking a most faithful and devout Catholic priest, please do a minimal amount of investigation first, before you shoot off your mouth, sliming someone about whom you obviously know nothing.

  3. UPDATE:
    The Congregation of the Resurrection (Father Phillips' religious order) has confirmed that Father Phillips has been completely cleared of all of the allegations made against him. This occurred after a full canonical inquiry, including interviews and testimony by the accuser(s) and persons who know them well, as well as others. This was posted online today (06-21-2018) at both catholicworldnews (headlines) and protect our priests.


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