How Long Before Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Is Assassinated?


As expected Rad Trad Blogosphere has gone insane with rage this month over Cardinal Theodore McCarrick alleged crimes as told to us by a Sodomite Atheist.

And there's not a thing the Laity can do - because the Laity have no authority in the Church.

So instead each Rad Trad Lay blogger will pound the keyboards and try to outdo each other to see who can be the most hateful towards Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The more hate the better! How many names have the Rad Trad Mob called Cardinal Theodore McCarrick?

I guess the more hateful you are toward Cardinal Theodore McCarrick the more virtuous you are in the eyes of the Rad Trad Mob. Right?

Other than that - the Rad Trad Mob have no power and authority to do anything against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

So the question is.......How long before Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is murdered?

I mean - we all know that the majority of enraged Rad Trad Laity have lots of guns and ammo.

That's all they got - aim and shoot.

Nothing more.

So I hope and pray Cardinal Theodore McCarrick remains a Cardinal.

Just to further enrage the mob.

But I do wonder how many death threats Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has received so far.

And you should understand that some Rad Trads are just looking for a reason to hunt down and kill a few priests they don't like.

Itchy trigger fingers....and what not....