Proof That Sacrilegious Communion Is Punished: Apostate Asia Argento's Mental Breakdown.....

Punishment for sacrilegious communions.....soon

Will Apostate Asia Argento go the way of her dead lover?

Asia Argento dons denim shorts that say 'epic loser' before stripping off and flipping the bird as she shares a bizarre mix of messages to Instagram in the aftermath of boyfriend Anthony Bourdain's suicide

Asia Argento continues to mourn the death of her boyfriend celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain by sharing a mix of quotes and photos to Instagram. The Italian singer and actress took to Instagram Saturday evening to share an image of her shorts that spell out 'Epic Loser' on the back pockets with the caption: 'F*** you all'. She followed up Sunday morning with a naked photo showing off her slender figure writing: 'I love you'. Bourdain tragically passed away on June 8 after committing suicide in his French hotel room while he was filming his popular TV show Parts Unknown. Source



  1. ^ The above comment shows the extent to which the intellects of the godless are blackened. This anonymous coward is probably too busy indulging in Onanism while viewing Ms. Argento's pictures to think straight. (Or, in baby words for Baby Anonymous: sin makes you stupid.)


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