Layman Ann Barnhardt Who Has No Authority In The Church Declares That Pope Francis Has NO AUTHORITY In The Church!



Yes read her non-authoritative declaration here 

 Does this sound right? Does this sound logical?


  1. What I can't get over is how many people follow and support her and thinks she is some kind of authority.

    1. Ann has not told us directly where she gets her authority from....that's coming later....

    2. Ahem. Ann gets her authority from referential authority. It's really simple. The Church has all authority, and when you refer to Church documents, canon law, and Scripture and the like as part of your argument, She is backing up your statements with Her Own. This is permissible and has been done by many in the past, is being done so now, and will be done again. Ann is not insane, and that is quite an uncharitable thing to say, besides.

    3. So when I use Scripture and St Thomas and Church Fathers to back up the claim that men are not allowed to fly above 29,050ft then that's called (according to you) referential authority.


  2. I asked Crazy Ann if she received permission from her bishop to teach Catholic doctrine, but she never got back to me.


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