Pope Francis LORETO DOOM! Pope Refuses To Let Faithful Kiss His Papal Ring

The Pope REALLY doesn't want anyone to kiss his ring: Francis repeatedly pulls his hand away as faithful attempt to perform traditional sign of respect

Footage has emerged of Pope Francis repeatedly pulling his hand away as the faithful attempt to perform a traditional sign of respect. The Pope was greeting worshippers at the Italian pilgrimage site dedicated to the Virgin Mary at Loreto on Monday. He appeared reluctant to allow the laity to pay him the respect of kissing his ring, a sacred symbol of the Pope's union to the Church. Video shows him smiling politely as devotees kneel before him but as each of them attempts to kiss the ring he quickly slips his hand away.The pontiff can be seen smiling afterwards to offer reassurance as some appear deflated at his recoiling from the kiss. Francis celebrated Mass in Loreto's cathedral and then signed a document dedicated to today's youth. The papers which will be officially released on April 2 are titled 'Christ Lives.' The document provide Francis' commentary on a youth summit held last October with the world's bishops on ways to better minister to today's young people. Source


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