While Rad Trad HERETIC DAVE DOMET Was Busy Sending Murdered MUSLIMS To HEAVEN A Muslim Stabs Catholic Priest Reverend Claude Grou During Mass At Montreal’s St. Joseph’s Oratory

Those poor souls slaughtered in Christ Church (of all places) were following God, as they understand Him. They were sincere in their beliefs. We know, that outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation for any soul. But we also know that God is love and mercy, as well as justice and that He will not disown anyone who seeks him sincerely and through no fault of their own, have not been able to find Him fully, as Catholics. Yet, it is through the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church that these souls may have found peace after this terrible tragedy. This must be our hope and our prayer. Dave Domet 

One of my colleagues is a Muslim. I tell you now that this man is a better “Christian” than many or even most of those Catholics around him. I know this man. I see how he treats people. How he respects the Catholic faith even though he is not a Catholic. I see how he treats his staff and how he is dedicated to his work and family. This man, is closer to Jesus than some of those around him who were baptised and who profanely receive the Blessed Sacrament. Dave Domet 

We can only hope that Jesus came to them and said, “I am the one that Mohammed rejected, now that I come to you, will you come to me now that you know?”   I pray their response was to embrace him.  Dave Domet

Muslims and Jews and some Protestants and more will find on their deaths, particularly violent deaths when sincerely seeking Him, may indeed find Him. I was criticised by some whackos' for posting a picture of the Coptic martyrs slaughtered by ISIS on the beach in Libya. As they were Copts and not in union with Rome, they were in Hell. What disgusting poppycock. The last word on their tongue was "Jesus!"  Dave Domet