How Many Days In JUNE 2019 Before There Is A Need To Pray The JESUS PSALTER? SEVEN Members Of The MARINE JarHeads Motorcycle Club Die In RANDOLPH, N.H. Collision

Those who drive carts cannot speak without putting the name of my Son in the middle. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)   

How many days in JUNE 2019 before there is a need to pray the JESUS PSALTER for all those coming NATURAL AND MAN-MADE DISASTERS MASS SHOOTINGS AND MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS IN USA THE WORLD

I now include the world, not just the US.

How important is public devotion to the HOLY NAME?

Outside of the visible sacrifice offered to God there was the practice of calling upon the HOLY NAME of GOD:

But to Seth also was born a son, whom he called Enos; this man began to call upon the name of the Lord. Gn.4.

Enos was one of the first to publicly call upon the HOLY NAME of GOD - the Church Fathers say that this devotion was a public devotion - so many souls participated with Enos in calling upon the HOLY NAME of God.

Law of Nature had two major works dedicated to God:

1 Visible Sacrifice
2. Calling upon the Holy Name

Today we still have the Visible and Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

But we do not have a public reparation to the Holy Name of Jesus.

So use this JESUS PSALTER - pray it.

If you feel the need to make reparation when disaster strikes please Pray the JESUS PSALTER found here

Call this a new post - call it a reminder - I will make a post weekly if necessary......

Seven dead Marines.

How many of these dead Marines abused the Holy Name of Jesus?

All of them.

That's what Marines do - they abuse the Holy Name of Jesus - 24/7.

So now they are punished for it - not on the battlefield - but on the road.

'We all feel it': Bikers mourn 7 of their own killed on road

RANDOLPH, N.H. (AP) — Investigators pleaded Saturday for members of the public to come forward with information that could help them determine why a pickup truck hauling a trailer collided with a group of 10 motorcycles on a rural highway, killing seven bikers.  The crash in remote northern New Hampshire involved members of Marine JarHeads, a motorcycle club that includes Marines and their spouses, authorities said. The tragedy sent shockwaves through New England's communities of motorcyclists and military veterans, which often overlap.  "When something like this happens, we all feel it," said Cat Wilson, who organizes a motorcycle charity event in Massachusetts and is a friend of some of the crash victims. "There is no tighter community than our biker community." Source

Of course none of you believe that God punishes those who abuse His Holy Name - let alone punish any sin.

As a matter of fact I bet the lot of you believe that you all have the American right to abuse the Holy Name of Jesus 24/7 - why - I bet you think that its written in the Constitution as some right to abuse the Holy Name of Jesus 24/7.

So yes these Blaspheming Marines were punished for abuse the Holy Name of Jesus 24/7 and their lives were cut short.

So in reparation of the abuse the Holy Name of Jesus 24/7 by these blaspheming Marines you can pray the JESUS PSALTER found here or you can go to the vigil and light a candle and leave some balloons maybe a stuffed animal or two.

Really - why wouldn't you be punished for abusing the Holy Name of Jesus 24/7