Meru Priest Fr. Eutychus Murangiri, Murdered Outside Bar, Body Found In Pool Of Blood

Police are investigating circumstances under which a Catholic priest was stabbed to death outside a bar. The body of Eutychus Murangiri, 32, was found in a pool of blood yesterday at 1.45am, outside the club where he and two others had been drinking. An attendant at the bar, who was questioned by police, said the priest checked in at the establishment accompanied by a man and a woman at around 4pm. The three had drinks till 10pm before booking rooms at the same place. The attendant, who requested anonymity, said later in the night the priest left the rooms and went outside to check on his car. “It seems he met his killers where he had parked his car,” said the attendant. Meru Police commander Patrick Lumumba said the woman and the man who were sharing drinks with Fr Murangiri were now in police custody. Source