RAD TRAD HEADS EXPLODED: Oh LOOK! Fra Angelico Painted The Blessed Virgin In 1442 With ARMS ACROSS HER CHEST!!

Coronation of the Virgin (Cell 9) 

Astroalex January 20, 2020 at 11:16 PM It is not Saint Francis Xavier who chose that position. It was the painter who did it. We can find many holy images of saints and even of Christ keepig their right hand in the position of the "mano marrano", but it doesn't mean anything. The painters were masons, not the saints! 

According to Rad Trads placing ones arms across the chest is a Masonic sign!

Here is just another example from history (see above) that placing arms across the chest is NOT a Masonic symbol.

The above paint is from 1440-42.

Masons started in 1717.