Fr. Jeremy Leatherby Addresses A Barnhardtite Woman In A Video Thanking Her For All Her Support In His Rejection Of Pope Francis As True Pope.

Fr. Jeremy Leatherby rejects that Pope Francis is the Pope. Leatherby is a Barnhardtite.

What is a Barnhardtite?

One who rejects Pope Francis as the True Pope and clings to the idea that Pope Benedict is still Pope.

This view is from the mind of Ann Barnhardt.

Making Leatherby a Barnhardtite.

Has Leatherby been in contact with Ann?

Don't know. But I'm sure he is aware of Ann and her views.

Leatherby accuses other Priests of misdeeds. See Michael Voris defending Fr. Jeremy Leatherby 7 AUG 2018:


He is also accused of inappropriate relations with a woman and he admitted to the misdeed:

Leatherby was removed from public ministry in spring 2016 amid allegations of an inappropriate sexual relationship. Parishioners told (August 11) that Leatherby had formed a pious circle of women around him, among them a daily mass-goer with whom the affair started. In an August letter, Leatherby admits that he “violated boundaries" with that woman but categorically denies a number of other allegations she levelled against him. Leatherby writes that he has lived the last four and a half years “largely in isolation and in tremendous loneliness” suffering grievously. Source

Leatherby has been excommunicated

He is now going to Petition for laicization.

There is a video that is making the rounds where Leatherby is addressing his Female benefactor.

It is a thank you video...a drunk thank you video to a woman who apparently has influenced him in his views that Pope Francis is not the Pope.

The woman also believes that Pope Francis is not the Pope.

This woman is a Barnhardtite.

The video was intended for “a woman who is a friend and who has assisted me significantly to, literally, survive and persevere these last few years and to fight for my priesthood,” and was recorded “after too much to drink.”

“Hey, Baby Doll,”

“I love that without mascara that you are still strikingly beautiful. I love that. I love it, like, a lot. A lot a lot. I loved it earlier when I saw you, and you didn’t have it on, and I loved it all night long. ‘Til the present time, and you still don’t have it on, and you’re still gorgeous.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you, you’re my girl. I imagine I’ll still say a ‘good night’ before I really, really, really go to bed, but I love you, even now, before then. Ok, goodnight, I love you.” Source

OK I'm not saying that Fr. Jeremy Leatherby is addressing Ann Barnhardt in the Video. What I am saying is that the woman he is addressing is a Barnhardtite - one who believes that Pope Francis is not the Pope and that Pope Benedict is still the Pope.

If it turns out to be Ann, then I would not be surprised.


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