REPOST: Lifesite News & FSSP RAD TRADS Now Embracing MUSLIM COMEDIAN Dave Chappelle As Restorers Of All Things In Christ! WHAT?

Originally Published 31 AUG. 2019

First there was Russian Orthodox Putin 1X Divorced 1 Domestic Partner

Then there was Protestant Trump 2X Divorced

Then there was Apostate Salvini 1X Divorced 2 Domestic Partners

Now there's MUSLIM COMEDIAN Dave Chappelle!


Who's next on the list of RAD TRAD heroes who is suppose to restore all things in Christ?


More reasons to wonder about the poor formation of the Lay folk who sit in the Latin Mass pews at FSSP Parishes.

Here read this stupid nonsense from FSSP Latin Mass attending Van Maren:

Dave Chappelle’s point on abortion and child support is driving the Left crazy

And this brings me to the legendary Dave Chappelle’s latest comments. I’ll state up front that I haven’t watched his Netflix special because I do not have Netflix (for a long list of reasons that I’ll deal with some other time). Additionally, Chappelle (like Louis) is famously crude and profane. However, several clips of his sketches on abortion are currently making the rounds through pro-life Twitter, and (especially since millions of people will be watching Chappelle’s take) I found his subversive formulation clever — especially since people seem to be divided on whether his take is genius or horrific.

After noting that he doesn’t like abortion and then reeling out the boilerplate talking point that as a man, he shouldn’t have anything to say about the choice, he then headed into new territory. “If you can kill this [baby],” Chappelle noted to nervous titters, “I can at least abandon him. It’s my money, my choice. And if I’m wrong, then perhaps we’re wrong. Figure that s‑‑‑ out for yourselves.” That’s precisely what people are attempting to do right now — and they’re also trying to figure out what Chappelle’s opinion on abortion actually is.

His opinion is so clever precisely because he highlights the hypocrisy of the pro-choice position so subtly and effectively. In reality, it has nothing to do with choice and everything to do with granting women the ability to have their children killed if they find them inconvenient. While many men are enormous fans of this so-called right, as it gets them off the hook as well, their responsibility is harnessed directly to whether or not the woman decides to keep the baby. And so, as Chappelle noted, if it is so insane to say men shouldn’t have to pay child support, maybe it is also insane to say we can kill those children in the first place: “Figure that s‑‑‑ out for yourselves.” Source

Oh no mention in the article from the FSSP Latin Mass Attending Writer that Dave Chappelle is a MUSLIM:

On the Beach With Dave Chappelle

A soft-spoken Muslim, Salim seems also to be something of a sounding board to Chappelle, who converted to Islam several years ago. While Chappelle is not doing a formal religious course in Durban, says Salim, who wore a simple cotton robe and hung back through the interview and photo shoot and only spoke when I asked him a question, "if he wants to talk religion then I'm there as someone to talk to." Says Chappelle: "This is kind of my spot where I can come to fill my spirit back up. Sometimes you neglect these things if you are running on a corporate schedule." The crux of his crisis seems to boil down to his almost obsessive need to "check my intentions." He uses the phrase a few times during the interview and explains that it means really making sure that he's doing what he's doing for the right reasons.

His family, he says, has been a huge support over the past eight months. "They've been phenomenal really, just incredible. What beautiful people. Everyone loves their family but it's good if you can like them too."

His religion is also crucial. "I don't normally talk about my religion publicly because I don't want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing. And I believe it is a beautiful religion if you learn it the right way. It's a lifelong effort. Your religion is your standard. Coming here I don't have the distractions of fame. It quiets the ego down. I'm interested in the kind of person I've got to become. I want to be well rounded and the industry is a place of extremes. I want to be well balanced. I've got to check my intentions, man."

That includes planning for the future. When I ask him if he would ever buy a place of his own in South Africa, Chappelle replies, "First of all I've got to make sure I've got a job."

He says that he's only been recognized five or six times in the two weeks he's been here. "It happens so sporadically that when it does it freaks me out because I have to remember, 'Oh, yeah, I'm famous.'" At the end of our interview/photo shoot an American woman does recognize him. "Number seven," he cries. "Wow, I'm not that big in Africa. I've got to do an action film here."

During most of the hour and a half that we talk, Chappelle is serious and introspective. But he still has his sense of humor, which comes out as we near the end of our conversation: "Is that enough to prove I'm not smoking crack or hanging out in a mental institution?" Source

Dave Chappelle's Brother On Brother Dave Chapelle Converting to ISLAM 

What the Hell is wrong with the Laity at FSSP parishes?

Products of FSSP:

Ann Banrhardt...Reclusive Gun Nut Nationalist Ann Convinced that Pope Francis is not the Pope
Steve Skojec....Claims to be a prophet....
Hilary White...Wandering the Italian Countryside with her cats...
Gary Voris..........Forgot to tell his followers that he is/was a homosexual
Dr Taylor Marshall...Had visions of Mother Church Breasts engorged with tons of Milk...
Fr Z.....Straps Guns and Knives under his Vestments while saying the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass...

And so on.....