Bring Out The Olives! I Wonder If The Fearless Apostate Steve Skojec Is Deathly Afraid Of Olives Too?

Many of you may not be aware of this (I guess I was the only one) for years Steve Skojec has left clues in his writing on how much he loathes attending the Latin Mass.  Yes, that's right - the Latin Mass. Not loathing the new mass, which is understandable (even I had problems attending the new mass, but I got over them and attended daily Mass until I found the Latin Mass) No. Steve complained that  he was having problems while attending the Latin Mass. He wrote on several occasions that he felt as if he could bolt from the Latin Mass. I thought this was strange. Even stranger is the fact that I don't remember any of his demented followers ever mentioning his fear of attending the Latin Mass in the comment box. Maybe Steve noticed this lack of comments as well because he repeated his  fear or loathing of attending the Latin Mass in more than five or six posts.

It stopped during the covid hysteria.

Steve did say that when the FSSP closed the Church during Covid  and live streamed the Latin Mass, he notice that attending the live streaming FSSP Latin Mass at home in his living room  with his wife and kids that this was the best Mass he ever attended...

So it was no surprise to me when the fearless Steve admitted that he and his family didn't attend Mass for over 15 months.

Something is wrong with a man who makes $500,000 a year off of Catholics by claiming that his website and his wisdom will restore the Church. 

Everyone is aware that Steve firmly believes in space aliens and that the UFOS or UAPS are actual metal objects built by space aliens. 

Steve will shut anyone down who opposes his UFO/UAP/SPACE ALIEN beliefs.  According to Star Wars Stevie you are not allowed to attack his UFO/UAP/SPACE ALIEN beliefs.

Now this is where it should concern you if you really care for Steve Skojec.

1. His Firm Belief in Space Aliens
2. He Does not Receive the Blessed Sacrament 
3. He Does not go to Confession
4. Rakes in $500,000 Annually Selling The Catholic Faith

Steve freaks out (on twitter) if you say that his UFO/UAP/SPACE ALIEN are DEMONS OF THE DARKSOME ATMOSPHERE. Steve denies the existence of Demons.

So add to Steve's list above

6. Denies The Existence Of Demons (only reasonable explanation if you look at his attacks on those who claim that UFOS/UAPS/SPACE ALIENS are DEMONS OF THE DARKSOME ATMOSPHERE.)

Remember when Steve told you he thought he was under Demonic attack while riding in a Limo to Fox News Studio? Remember that? How can a man who claims to be under demonic attack while riding in a Limo, then deny the possibility that the best explanation for UFOS/UAPS/SPACE ALIENS are DEMONS OF THE DARKSOME ATMOSPHERE? So according to the wisdom of a man who does not attend Mass for well over 15 months and rakes in $500,000 selling the Catholic Faith: 

"Demons ride in Limos but not in Spacecraft" Steve Skojec


(I'm not saying that Demons build spacecraft to ride around in but that DEMONS ARE THE SPACECRAFT....etc...)

(Oh..and only women believe that Demons build spacecraft to ride around in....again LOL!)

Did you pay attention when Steve hinted at his fear of demonic attack in some of his writings?

Steve spends most of his time on Twitter (50 Tweets a day) or playing video games or drinking Whiskey Smoking Cigars and grilling steaks.

His wife is a day trader. She also spends time at the gun range.

No Spiritual life.

No Sacramental LIfe.