Cardinal Burke Death Watch: Cardinal Burke In Induced Coma

From Anti-SSPXer Priest of the Institute of the Good Shepherd:

Cardinal Burke In Induced Coma

“Cardinal Burke has been placed in an induced coma,” reports Father Matthieu Raffray, a priest of the Institute of the Good Shepherd, on (August 17, Screenshot below). He adds that the next twenty-four hours are crucial. Another source, Royce Hood, writes on Facebook that Burke remains on the ventilator and has severe pneumonia that is not responding to treatment, “They are trying a new drug today [August 17] but are not optimistic about his chances of survival”, And, “A friend who knows nurse in the room confirms accuracy of grave condition.” Robert Moynihan reports in a video that the Minnesota hospital staff is preventing Burke’s family and even his sister from seeing him. No visits from cardinals, bishops or priests are allowed. Only the hospital chaplain visits Burke once a day. Source

Boy Cardinal Burke sure did surround himself with rabid anti-SSPX'ers.....