To All Those Jim Jones Traditional Catholics - Infants Should Not Be Allowed At The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass.

(Patron Saint Of Those Who Insist On Bringing Their Screaming Infants To Mass)
I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning....
I Love The Sound Of Screaming Of Infants In The Morning.....

Hey if it isn't flopping out those tities to Breast Feed during Mass - its pinching your baby to make him scream during Mass.


Infants do not belong at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Leave your screaming infant at home with the overwhelmed Mother of 18 other kids.

This bizarre movement to have screaming infants at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is insane. Really and truly insane.

Hey Latin Mass Morons! Why is there the MASS OF THE CATECHUMENS?

Answer that!

Everyone! Everyone! and I mean everyone who is not a Catholic and is not allowed to receive communion BECAUSE THEY ARE CATECHUMENS had to leave after the Credo. Leave. As in - out the door.

Did you Jim Jones Latin Mass goers know that there is the MASS OF CATECHUMENS and the MASS OF THE FAITHFUL?

Did you know this? or just ignore it?

If CATECHUMENS do not belong at the MASS OF THE FAITHFUL - then neither do screaming infants!

Here is just another example of a woman gushing about how wonderful it is to hear screaming infants at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

"Thick August light streams in. The priest carries out his otherworldly choreography as we all kneel. Then a transcendent hush snatches us up during the Roman Canon, punctuated by the cooing and crying of babies." Source


What is wrong with those Catholic women who love to disturb the peace and quiet of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Again there is something nefarious with a woman allowing her screaming infant to disrupt the Mass.

Any Priest or Bishop or Laymen who encourages the screaming of Infants at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are no Better than JIM JONES who love to hear screaming infants so much  that he set up loudspeakers in his camp that would play recordings of screaming infants 24/7......

Here for all you sick fucks...

This recording is tame compared to the screams I've heard (had to endure)  at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass over the years.

Question for you JIM JONES Catholic Mothers: How many times do you pinch your baby during Mass to make you baby scream?

A lot...I bet....

They say that St Louis started the tradition of Genuflection during the Credo...Et incarnatus est Spiritu Sancto ex Maria Virgine: et homo factus est.

If I become king  and rule the world I'll start the tradition of banning screaming infants from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

****Oh and as a heads up - I bet there will be a terrorist bombing attack during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by a woman suicide bomber disguising her bomb as an infant cradled in her arms - KABOOM! 

Extremist Kills Self, Her Baby in Tunisia Suicide Bombing
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Tunisian authorities said a female suicide bomber killed herself and her baby during counterterrorism operations in a mountainous zone in struggling interior provinces. Two other Islamic extremists were killed in the security operations, according to an Interior Ministry statement Thursday night.In one operation, Tunisian forces were tracking an extremist group in the Mount Salloum area of Kasserine province. They killed one suspected jihadi, whose wife then killed herself by activating an explosive belt, the statement said. The explosion killed her baby in her arms, while an older daughter also at the scene survived, according to the ministry. Source

I bet the devil is instigating this trend of screaming infants during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (using woman as always as his instruments) so as to lull others into accepting or tolerating screaming infants during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass so that the devil can eventually introduce a few suicide bombers with their bombs disguised as screaming infants cradled against their breasts to blow things up.......