ENRAGED FSSP RAD TRADS Coffin & Barnhardt Justify Putin's Murder Of Innocent Ukrainians Because An Elderly Performance Artist Marina Abramović Posted A Video! WTF?

Artist Marina Abramovic sends message of solidarity to Ukraine as Russia invades    


"My name is Marina Abramovic. I was born in Yugoslavia, a country which thrived under cultures from the West and Russia from the East. Over past few years, I worked in Ukraine and I got to know the people there. They’re proud, they’re strong and they’re dignified. I have full solidarity with them on this impossible day. An attack on Ukraine is an attack on all of us. It’s an attack on humanity and has to be stopped."

Marina Abramović is her name and she is 75 years old and she posted a very short video. 78 words in total.

Ms. Abramović posted a video that has ENRAGED FSSP Rad Trad Patrick Coffin and Ann Barnhardt These two are upset - terribly so. 


Folks, I’ll call it now: this entire thing is a meticulously planned plot to CRIMINALIZE CHRISTIANITY GLOBALLY.
Stop and think about this: the entire script has been flipped- what was considered just a few years ago the central locus of atheism on earth, the Soviet Union/Russia, has now been turned into the alleged hub of “Christian fundamentalism”, which we all know is dog whistle for “anti-LGBT”. If you can’t see that this is a luciferian plot, and the objective is the global suppression of Christianity, to be replaced by the “humanist, pro-sodomy, one world religion” fronted by Antipope Bergoglio and the Antichurch currently headquartered in the conquered Vatican City, then I can’t help you. It’s OBVIOUS. The Bergoglian Antichurch is aggressively pro-sodomy. While there are sodomites here-and-there amongst Latin Mass “Trad” Catholic clergy, they are considered hypocrites and frauds, and tend to not be open agitators for sodomy in the way the Antichurch minions are. Now we know why Antipope Bergoglio launched his campaign against the Traditional Latin Mass a few months ago: in preparation for the destruction of anything and everything that stands against sodomy, with the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church – The TRUE CHURCH – being the obvious primary bulwark against sodomy on earth. Where is Putin in all of this? He’s an evil, ex-KGB, self-mutilated man. He’s either in on it, or he’s a patsy. I wouldn’t bet on Putin being a patsy. Would you? Only a preternatural driving force could conceive and execute such a complete diabolical inversion. Satan is one helluva chess player.  This entry was posted in Uncategorized on March 1, ARSH 2022 by Ann Barnhardt.


Can you tell me what is so upsetting about the 78 words of Marina Abramović? 

Really? what is so Satanic about what Ms. Abramović said?

List of UNHINGED FSSP RAD TRADS who Defend Tyrant Putin (did all of these FSSP RAD TRADS take Ivermectin? Is that what is causing their delirium?)
  1. Ann Barnhardt 
  2. Steve Cunningham 
  3. Frank Walker 
  4. Steve Bannon 
  5. Michael Matt 
  6. Supernerd 
  7. Dr Mazza 
  8. Mark Docherty 
  9. Ryan Grant
  10. Fawaz Yasi (tradcast skits) 
  11. Rick (The Armed Catholic)
  12. Mike Parrott (US Marine) 
  13. Eduard Habsburg (Diplomat)
  14. Laramie Hirsch 
  15. Dr. Taylor Marshall
  16. Baron Alexander von Tschugguel (no proof yet)
  17. Timothy J Gordon
  18. Dr. Beep 
  19. Nurse Claire
  20. Mary Ann Kreitzer
  21. Fr. David Nix
  22. Oakes Spalding
  23. William M Briggs 
  24. Patrick Coffin
Delirium is a serious disturbance in mental abilities that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment. The start of delirium is usually rapid — within hours or a few days

Question - all of the above FSSPers said that COVID is fake - no worse than the flu and yet these same knuckleheads take Ivermectin to ward off the fake COVID - see how insane that reasoning is? Now These same knuckleheads think Putin is their Savior.

Effects of Ivermectin Poisoning....