How Long Before FSSP RAD TRADS Grow Circle Beards?

List of potential FSSP Rad Trads who will Grow Circle Beard:

1. Kennedy Hall
2. Steve Skojec
3. Timothy J Gordon
4. David R. Gordon
5. Steve Cunningham
6. Ann Barnhardt
7. etc......

Make sure to tithe all your money to the above that they can buy Tobacco Alcohol and Firearms......

New 'circle beard' trend which is 'worse than mullet' sweeps across the globe
We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info The world is fighting to get its head around a dangerous new epidemic – the loopy “circle beard” trend. Lockdown boredom is being blamed for the grooming crime against fashion, with bored blokes across the planet landing on the vile style after experimenting with clippers at home. But the Internet has seen a huge backlash against the hair horror – with droves of objectors saying circle beards make them angrier than mullets. One critic seethed: “They should call it the ‘Toilet Seat’”, while others branded them “circle w****rs”. More said the sight of circle beards made them want to commit violence, warning: “It makes your face look more punchable than the average.”Others vowed to use anyone sporting one as “target practice” to eradicate the style from the planet. Another said: “I cannot believe this is now a thing”, while more ranked it among their top fashion and cultural hatreds along with skinny jeans and vaping in public. Others said it made wearers look like circumcised penises, while another sneered: “Welcome to the phenomenon of c**k circles”.The cut involves first growing a beard to meet the hairline and then shaving off all the hair except a circle that stretches from head to chin. A “monkey tail” beard trend emerged during lockdown, but it didn’t attract anywhere near as much hatred as the circle style. Mullets worn by 80s stars including Pat Sharp and footballer Chris Waddle also made a comeback during the pandemic with the planet unable to get to salons. Crocs, elasticated trousers and tracksuits are also big again after the world’s population gave up on grooming and piled on pounds in lockdown. Source