5000 Weapons In Attendance At Typical FSSP Ascension Thursday Mass

In support of the 2nd Amendment which states the right to bear arms at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - ALL FSSP Laity are required to bring with them at least ten weapons a piece. 

The FSSP hopes to have at least 5000 weapons in attendance at your typical FSSP Ascension Thursday Mass.

FSSP laity is asked to shoot their weapons into the Church ceiling during the Gloria in memory of their Protestant brethren who did the same during the Reformation!.

The term for this will be the Pew Pop!

They hope to fill the FSSP chapel with gun smoke to overwhelm the incense. 

Sources say that the FSSP Priests will give Ascension Thursday Sermons on how Jesus himself took a cache of weapons with Him to Heaven.

Icons of FSSP of Ann Barnhardt and Taylor Marshall (depicted with weapons in hand) will be put up all around the FSSP Chapels

Still waiting for that crossfire Sunday Mass to occur...


  1. You may need some group therapy at the local rifle range.

  2. I have a hard time believing that a man who stares and shoots at a target for hours on end at the gun range can really and effectively meditate on the Holy Wounds Of Jesus...Is this possible. what say you?

    1. It's been a while, but a typical shootout :) for me is ninety minutes. I think it would be hard to argue that is an unreasonable amount of recreation. I have never been praying my Rosary and had a thought about a gun or lawn mower, creep into my meditations on the Sorrowful Mysteries. I have been going to 7:15 am daily TLM only Mass without a gun or a thought about a gun.

      I do find that the FSSP position that a person can attend a Traditional or new mass as one pleases, to be absolutely absurd and non-traditional. There is an irrational element there, so I guess carrying multiple guns to church is within the realm of the possibilities. I won't be there to witness it.

  3. That's good to know. I don't use guns so I don't have that distraction either. But I do wonder about the effect target practice has on one's spiritual life. I bet there's no spiritual writer of merit who would recommend gun range time to increase ones love of the Five Holy Wounds. I do believe that carrying guns during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is also detrimental to one's spiritual life if not outright a sin. I don't know why the FSSP Priests encourage such a practice.


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