List Of 31 Patriot Front Members Arrested In Coeur d´Alene

 Jail roster lists those arrested near Coeur d’Alene Pride event

Here are some of their names:
  1. Kerry Lamont Arnold
  2. Jared Michael Boyce
  3. Nathan David Brenner
  4. Colton Michael Brown
  5. Josiah Daniel Buster
  6. Devin Wayne Center
  7. Dylan Carter Corio
  8. Winston North Durham
  9. Joseph Garret Garland
  10. Branden Mitchel Haney
  11. Richard Jacob Jessop
  12. James Michael Johnson
  13. James Julius Johnson
  14. Connor Patrick Moran
  15. Kieran Padraig Morris
  16. Lawrence Alexander Norman
  17. Justin Michael Oleary
  18. Cameron Kathan Pruitt
  19. Forrest Clark Rankin
  20. Thomas Ryan Rousseau
  21. Conor James Ryan
  22. Spencer Thomas Simpson
  23. Derek Joseph Smith
  24. Alexander Nicholai Sisenstein
  25. Dakota Ray Tabler
  26. Steven Derrick Tucker
  27. Wesley Evan Van Horn
  28. Mitchell Frederick Wagner
  29. Nathaniel Taylor Whitfield
  30. Robert Benjamin Whitted
  31. Graham Jones Whitsom
Police Chief Lee White said officers were alerted to the group thanks to an alert citizen who “saw something” and reported it. He said they developed probable cause to arrest them based on the gear they had, which included shields and other riot gear.

Initial information shows those involved traveled to North Idaho from Texas, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Illinois, Arkansas, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and Virginia. One person involved was from Idaho, but it was not clear from which part of the state.

Those arrested will make their first appearance in court on Monday.