No Breast Feeding Here....At The TradCath E-Girl Summit

“Children cry, they are noisy, they don’t stop moving. But it really irritates me when I see a child crying in church and someone says they must go out. God’s voice is in a child’s tears: they must never be kicked out of church.” Pope Francis

"If your Mass ain't crying - it's dying" Dr. Taylor Marshall

Nothing so becomes a Church as silence and good order. Noise belongs to theaters, and baths, and public processions, and market-places: but where doctrines, and such doctrines, are the subject of teaching, there should be stillness, and quiet, and calm reflection, and a haven of much repose. These things I beseech and entreat. St. John Chrysostom

These five uncovered ladies behave themselves.

No noise
Sit in Back
No Breast Feeding on display


No disruption from them.

The typical covered Rad Trad woman is obnoxious, noisy, rude, irreverent and impious.